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Valdimar is a Nord sorcerer in the Hearthfire DLC found in Morthal and can become a housecarl.

However, there are some issues with him as a follower. He wears light armor, but is skilled in heavy armor. He wields a steel mace but is skilled with an axe.

This mod changes his class, his combat style, spells and perks to make him a desirable follower. He is still a sorcerer-like class: favoring destruction and 1H, with light armor, restoration and alteration for support.

I attempted to generally follow the original template for Valdimar: somewhat older, favors axes, is less of a ranged character than other sorcerers (e.g., J'zargo), uses frost, flesh, heal and ward spells.

He now has numerous custom spells, is skilled in light armor, has a steel axe, and so on. I did not change his default armor (scale); the armor in the screenshots was simply for playtesting.


Heartfire DLC required.

  • Marked Essential. (note: in an existing game, you may need to use UFO to set the essential flag, using the "You are important" dialogue option.)
  • Additional spells added.
  • Add custom auto-leveled Alteration flesh spell to replace existing flesh spells.
  • Add custom Destruction frost spell to replace existing frost spells.
  • Levels with the player from 10 to 100.
  • Custom class (modified sorcerer): Destruction, 1H, Restoration, Alteration, Light Armor. (This supersedes the class change in the Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.)
  • Custom combat style: balanced between ranged and 1H.
  • Perked in his particular skills.
  • Morality: Any crime (unchanged)
  • Reviewed with TES5Edit.

  • Destruction: Novice->Expert,Augmented Frost
  • 1H: Armsman40,HackandSlash60,FightingStance,SavageStrike
  • Alteration: Novice->Expert
  • Restoration:Novice->Expert,Respite, Regeneration, Recovery50, Necromage
  • Light Armor:AgileDefender40,CustomFit
  • Stealth: Lightfoot

  • Destruction: IceSpike, but primarily uses custom IceStorm apprentice/adept/expert spells. These spells have twice the velocity of the default IceStorm spell and also slightly degrades the enemy's armor (like the Marked for Death shout).
  • Alteration: custom auto-level flesh spell (Oakflesh->Ebonyflesh),Candlelight.
  • Restoration:Healing,FastHealing,CloseWounds,TurnUndead,and custom Lesser/Steadfast/Greater Ward spells which have lower cost and higher armor effects.

See "Latest Version" link above.

If you are starting a new game:
  • Download with NMM.
  • Activate in NMM.

For an existing game - IMPORTANT:
This is in case Valdimar's skills/stats are not appropriately changed just by loading the mod.
(Use UFO or similar mod to verify his skills/stats are correct.)
If not, use the method below.

  • Create a savegame.
  • Download mod with NMM.
  • Exit game and activate mod in NMM.
  • Load the savegame.
  • Open the console (tilde key) and click on Valdimar. You should see his Form ID number appear.
  • Type: disable (this will cause Valdimar to disappear - that's ok)
  • Type: enable
  • Type: setlevel 1000 0 5 100
  • Exit the console (tilde key)
  • Valdimar should now reappear and his stats should be correct (you can check with UFO)

Dismiss the follower.
Deactivate in NMM.

Do not upload this mod elsewhere, but feel free to use anything in it for your own mod.

Load after UFO or any other mod which modifies Valdimar.
Uses only vanilla assets.
Recommended mods:

Mods used in screenshots
Note that I did not change Valdimar's default armor (i.e., his scale armor). I used these mods just for the screenshots:

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