About this mod

This mod is standalone and changes Vanilla, Dawnguard, Herthfire, Dragonborn femele NPCs. When you introduce this mod, other mods are not necessary.
**** If you install the mod using NMM, it gives option to install all at once or individually. ****

Permissions and credits

[size=3pt]This mod is standalone and changes Face / Body / Outfits / AI for Serana, Lydia, Iona, Jordis, Rayya, Aranea, Brelyna, Camilla, Muiri, and Lisette, Mjoll, Valerica, Ysolda, Ingjard, Beleval, Sorine, Frea, Delphine, Elisif.
You can't change any other.

[size=6pt]If you install the mod using NMM, it gives option to install all at once or individually.[/size]

[size=3pt]When you introduce this mod, other mods are not necessary.[/size]
[size=3pt]Skyrim version has to be or higher.[/size]
[size=3pt]!! Dawnguard / Hearthfire / Dragonborn required !! [/size]

Please try doing console command "Setnpcweight (Default value)" about NPCs neek seem.
1. Open console, targeting NPC by clicking her
2. Type "setnpcweight xxx"
3. Type "disable" and "enable"
4. Save game and load, done.
To verify, check the contents of README.

[size=3pt]Version Information:[/size]
2014.4.20 V1.0 Initial version
2014.4.23 uploaded Patch for Muiri's bug
2014.4.26 uploaded Patch for Serana's outfit issue(naked) (Rev1.1)
2014.4.29 add Valerica Beta
2014.5.11 V1.1 Released
・Lisette, Mjoll, Valerica, Ysolda and Serana's new modeling added
・Fixed Muiri's and Serana's (Naked) bug.
2014.5.26 V1.2 Released
・Beleval, Ingjard, Sorine, Frea added
・Fixed Ysolda's bug and NPCs default weight fixed(for neck seem)
[size=3pt]2014.7.14 V1.3 Released[/size]
・Delphine, Elisif added
・Camilla's neck semm fixed
・Serana's new modeling added (Evil ver.)

[size=3pt]Profile / Whereabouts:[/size]

[size=3pt]Installation :[/size]
Please do CLEAN INSTALL and LOAD ORDER optimization.
Download via NMM or drag the archive into NMM and activate.
Simple and easy to implement in Fomod. 

[Manual] *I hardly recommended*
Unpack the archive and copy the contents into your Skyrim install folder, and activate in Data Files when loading Skyrim.
Step.1 Copy to your Data Folder from 00_Main - 00_All or 01_IND - meshes & textures & BTRH_xxx.esp flies.
Step.2 Copy to Data - Meshes & Textures - actors - character - btrh
from 02_Options(Choose which Body Type you want to use) body meshes and textures.

[size=3pt]Uninstallation :[/size]
Dismiss them from your active followers.
Deactivate the mod in NMM and delete.
In your Skyrim Data directory, delete the following files & folders.

[size=3pt]Recommended Mods :[/size]
・Follower and NPC overhaul mods
EFF by Expired
Female Facial Animation by nao4288
・For Serana
Marriable Serana by C0drm0nk33
zzjay and Grace Darklings Hoods with hairs by zzjay and Grace Darkling
EotW Dawnguard DLC Textures Remastered by EcthelionOtW and misslexi
Serana - Remove Hood by SONNYSPAK

[size=3pt]Used mods :[/size]
Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- by Caliente
DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT by Blessed Redux Project team
Enhanced Character Edit by tktk
HN66s Long Eye Lashes by humannature66
SG Female Eyebrows by HelloSanta
SG Female Textures and More by HelloSanta
SG Female Textures Renewal by HelloSanta
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
ApachiiSkyHair natural Retexture by Aron
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar

[size=3pt]Screenshots :[/size]
High Resolution Scars by Xenius
Smile in HD by zzjay
Somber ENB by Tansarville
aMidianBorn Blades Armor by CaBaL
Warmonger Armory by Batmanna
Perfect Legionnaire - Imperial Armor Reforged 4-0 by Ali Bengal
Ultimate Assortment by Favoredsoul
Osare OnePiece - UNP and UNPB by anano

[size=3pt]Spcial thanks:[/size]
You have helped me greatly. I appreciate your assistance indeed.
Thank you very much, mate!

And any freinds :)
I sincerely appreciate all of you. Thank you.

[size=3pt]On a final note, Your suggestions & inquiries and their screenshots are always welcome![/size]
And, Please check out MY Flickr when you get a chance.
Enjoy. Serana is mai waifu!

[size=3pt]My other mod[/size]