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Allows archers to toggle through their ammo using two keys.

Permissions and credits
by Lywin (SexyBlueTiger)

I got tired of the wrong ammo being equip when I would run out of arrows and having to open my inventory to change arrows. Not only that but I didn't want to clutter my favourites menu with arrows and bolts. Thus I created a script based ammo switcher. You can use any two keys you want to cycle through the ammo. With other options like excluding spears when cycling through bow ammo. It doesn't stop spears from every being equip, but you can cycle past them quickly if Skyrim decides to equip them for you.

01. Requirements

The mod is designed to use with the MCM menu from SkyUI. I won't be creating a version without the MCM because I believe it is extremely useful. This mod also requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) in order to read the players inventory and call UI methods.

02. Installation

Warning: Scripts use OnInit and RegisterForUpdate
Some people have had problems with this, I have not. Regardless, it is always smart to make a backup save before installing any mod. It is also NEVER a good idea to remove mods from a save! :)

03. Using this mod

MCM Options
  • Refresh Time - is how often the script checks your inventory to update the ammo list. So if you purchase new arrows, or pick up arrows off a corpse, you will have to wait until the next cycle sorts through your inventory and sorts the ammo. Warning: large inventories will take a long time to go through. Either keep a smaller inventory or increase the refresh time. Failure to do so may have undesired effects! i.e. The next refresh starts before the first one finishes.
  • Sorting Order - you have two options at this point. Alphabetical, or Alphabetical by ammo type. Alphabetical by ammo type will sort first by Arrows / Bolt / Spear, then in each group alphabetically. This is only relevant in relation to the following two options.
  • Incompatible Ammo - For bows the ammo must have "Arrow" in its name. For crossbows the ammo must say "Bolt" in its name. Otherwise when cycling, the ammo will be skipped until compatible ammo for the weapon you are using is found. If you don't have a bow or crossbow equip it will cycle through all possible ammo types.
  • Spears Included - Select this if you want to be able to cycle to spears when using bows [Dragonborn Users]. Otherwise spears will be skipped when cycling.

Switching Ammo
After you activated the mod, it should give you a notification saying QuiverSwitch is ready for use. after that you may start using the two keys you selected to change ammo. You will have to wait for the refresh for any new ammo you pick up to be included in your ammo list.

04. Troubleshooting

  • Do you have SKSE / SkyUI?
  • Is QuiverSwitch present in the MCM menu?
  • Did you see a notification noting QuiverSwitch was ready for use?
  • Do you have arrows/bolts/spears?
  • Do they have "Arrow"/"arrow" - "Bolt"/"bolt" - "Spear"/"spear" in their name?
  • Did you wait for a refresh cycle to happen?
  • Is your inventory size very large?

If it is none of these, please leave me a comment/private message with any details you can and I will try to help you to the best of my ability.

05. Compatibility

  • This is a scripting mod, so issues may arise if you are running a heavy script load.
  • Auto Unequip Ammo - I'm not sure how this mod works, but if it unequips ammo when you don't have a bow or crossbow equip, then you press one of the buttons to cycle ammo in QuiverSwitch, it may interfere with Auto Unequip Ammo.

06. Uninstallation

Use Nexus Mod Manager or ...
  • delete Skyrim/Data/interface/QuiverSwitch/
  • delete Skyrim/Data/scripts/quiverswitch*.pex ( * meaning matching all 6 scripts)
  • delete Skyrim/Data/QuiverSwitch.esp


Gopher - Scripts from Immersive HUD - iHUD came in handy understanding how to create an MCM menu.
Nexus Mods Skyrim - for creating a great modding site.
SKSE - for without their extension this scripting wouldn't be possible.
SkyUI - for the MCM menu system.
Creation Kit - for a great wiki.
Bethesa - for creating Skyrim.