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Disables the irritating eye adaptation and object blooming through scripting. Compatible with all image space lighting mods!

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Like many people I find the HDR eye adaptation and object blooming a distraction rather than an enhancement to the game. But I didn't like that all the current solutions had conflicts with lighting mods (ELE, Relighting Skyrim, etc...). So I created this mod. Instead of editing ImageSpaces in the CreationKit, this mod creates ImageSpaceModifiers and applies them dynamically through script.

This method means that:
A) This should be compatible with every mod out there.
B) You can toggle the effects on and off in-game.

For those of you using SkyUI (MCM), you can toggle the effects through the Mod Configuration Menu. Everyone else can do so by reading the books added to your inventory.

Note: Bloom around light sources will remain, this only disables the bloom from brightly lit objects, not from candle flames and the like.

You can see a before and after example of the Bloom effect being disabled in the uploaded image, and there's a video for Eye Adaptation.


There are 2 versions. Install one or the other, not both.

The regular version has no requirements beyond the game itself.
The MCM version requires SKSE, and optionally SkyUI. I've only tested it on SKSE 1.7a, but it should work with 1.6 as well.

Either install the package through a Mod Manager/Organizer or unzip its contents into your Skyrim Data directory.

Both effects will be disabled by default upon installation.


To uninstall simply delete DisableHDREffects.* from your Skyrim Data directory.

Known Issues:

- Loading a save game or doing a wait while staring at a fire at night can cause the screen to be very dark. Opening and closing the map, or toggling eye adaption on and off will fix it.


- Refactored the code to allow having MCM and non-MCM releases (for Skyrim SE)
- Added workarounds for some of the common adaptation issues (waiting through a sunrise/sunset, loading a save game at night)
- Added hotkey support for toggling the effects (MCM version only). Configurable in MCM.