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A mod which injects new life into the vanilla followers of Skyrim by greatly expanding their repertoire of idle, conditional commentary after the fashion of the Inigo follower, using only vanilla resources. This is the umbrella project for all translators working on FCO.

Permissions and credits
[11-10-2014] Italian translation (currently subtitles only) completed thanks to riccardo83 and FEDERICOOO
[11-10-2014] Looking for assistance updating Spanish translation!

After publishing Follower Commentary Overhaul, I was almost immediately messaged about the possibility of making translations into languages other than English. While initially this effort was stymied by a workflow that (regrettably) made easy translation difficult, a group of volunteers stepped forward to uncover the inner workings of FCO and begin translating the mod.

Follower Commentary Overhaul: Translations will, going forward, serve as the home page for international editions of FCO, built and maintained in cooperation with the team making the translations. Currently, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Russian, Czech, German, Italian and Japanese have been covered.

  • Q) Is this installed with/over the main FCO mod?
  • A) No! Translations downloaded from here should be completely standalone, and do not require the English version of FCO to be installed. If you have installed the fully English version previously, you should uninstall it first.

  • Q) What languages are planned?
  • A) Currently, requests have been made for Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French, Czech, and German, of which Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and German have been completed. As more requests (and volunteers) come in, more languages will be added.

  • Q) Can I help even if my language is covered or has been completed?
  • A) Absolutely! The more sets of eyes we have, the better. If your language has been completed, you are welcome to volunteer as an editor to insure that the grammar and spelling in your language is the best it can be. As well, as FCO's main file updates, the chances are high some editors may not be able to make changes right away, so volunteering to help update an older translation is also greatly appreciated.

  • Q) What is the nature of FCO's translation?
  • A) Unlike other dialogue mods, FCO doesn't reference existing game audio so that translation is simply a matter of changing the subtitles; in all cases it copies the old audio into new clips, for various reasons: to cut out parts of the audio that won't make sense, and to insure maximum functional compatibility. Unfortunately this adds a layer of complication to translation, but the FCO translation team has done excellent work making the file references of the mod more transparent for translators.

  • Q) What resources are available to help me translate?
  • A) The most important resources are the FCO File Tables for the Male and Female voicetypes. These tables combine transcription of all FCO audio with links to both the file FCO references as well as the source vanilla file, with notes on whether or not the FCO clip was cut or combined from vanilla clips.

  • Q) How do I edit audio?
  • A) First, you need to extract the audio from Skyrim - Voices.bsa. There are a lot of tools which can do this, including "archive.exe" which ships with Skyrim and the CK and can be found in your root Skyrim directory. Many other tools, some more user-friendly, also exist; I myself use the functionality nested in Mod Organizer to do it.
  • After you've extracted the audio from the BSA, then you need to extract it from the .fuz files it is locked in. By far the most convenient and easy solution is Unfuzer, which I've gushed about before. Getting audio out of and into .fuz formats in batch is a one-click operation with this tool.
  • Now you've finally got the raw audio. To edit it, I recommend Audacity, a well known, dependable and intuitive audio editor. When faced with audio that has to be cut or split, the trick is to look for troughs in the sound to make the cut, and then to use the Fade In/Out effect to smooth the transition and keep the sound from abruptly cutting in and out. With these three tools you will be well prepared to deal with Skyrim audio in any capacity.

  • Q) I want to make some changes to FCO for my translation, is that alright??
  • A) To a reasonable extent - functional improvements like BSAs or even added idles are welcome. That said, don't go too overboard - adding or changing NPCs, worldspaces, or quests is getting into feature creep, and the reasonable expectation for the end user for the mod should be to install and run FCO and that alone.

  • Q) I want to translate FCO but I don't want to upload to Nexus or to this page specifically.
  • A) That's also fine. As long as it's publically available, I will link to it. This Nexus page is made primarily as a courtesy to international users to give them a one-stop shop to get and update FCO translations, and help better organize translators.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.