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Adds 15 craft-able masks from creatures of Skyrim.

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Welcome to my first mod, no need to be gentile, I have much to learn.

This mod adds 17 masks that are enchant-able.

-Each mask can be smith-ed under Jewelry, 0 armor rating

so they're not overpowered. Hey, you can add an enchantment though!

Crafting is with leather strips for simplicity and lack really in depth items

that would make sense.

The body slot used is 55

which means it should be compatible with most anything

Argoinians Can use the Argonian skull, Khajiit skull, dragon skull, Bear face, and Wolf face masks.

  • Argonian Skull
  • Ash (spawn) Face
  • Draugr Face
  • Elf Skull
  • Falmer Face
  • Hagraven Face
  • Khajiit Face
  • Khajiit Skull
  • Nord Skull
  • Orc Skull
  • Draugr face custom - red texture I made but can be changed to any, with out affecting anything else.
  • Troll Skull
  • Falmer Skull
  • Vampire Lord Face
  • Dragon Skull
  • Bear Face
  • Wolf Face

Planned additions/improvements:

-nord face, it puts the lotion on its skin...

-more argonian compatibility

-Khajiit compatibility

Notes: You will see some clipping with some helmets, but mostly minor.

Seems to me that most the clipping actually

is awesome in respect to adding a skull face cover to open faced helmets.

(I used to hate the Dwemer helmet, but the skulls make it awesome)

Most of the masks rely on your textures. If you don't have the DLC, that's okay because you can search this nexus for them (like Ash spawn and Falmer maybe?)


and utilizes (altered) assets from it with permission. So get it, its completely
an awesome mod. (click pic)

Manual - copy files to your data folder

Let NMM handle it
Just like manual and overwrite... especially the meshes, thats whats most important.
-if you use your own textures to replace mine, remember to click "no" when asked to overwrite these files * draugr and draugr_n

-Added Bear face mask, with Argonian compatibility.
-Added Wolf face mask, with Argonian compatibility.
-added Dragon Skull mask
-Added Argonian compatibility for Khajiit Skull, Argonian Skull, and Dragon Skull masks.
-Added worldview/ground. Now you can see what you're crafting!
-Fixed/Adjusted female versions to fit better
-Added Vampire Lord face and Falmer Skull masks.
- fixed clipping with hoods
- fixed draugr_n/normal map
- Added Argonian brow horns to Argonian Skull mask
- Added Orc brow horns to Orc Skull mask
- added Troll Skull Mask
- added Draugr Mask custom- filepath data/textures/armor/beastfacemask
for adding a draugr texture that is stand alone to that mask.

Thanks to BDMods - Skyrim Mods Daily! for the video.