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Thank you all, I finally released the official version (Episode1) of the mod:
Immersive Dungeons (Episode1)
Unfinished Business

== Current status of the progress (2015/03/21) ==

As for the Episode02, no progress. Instead I am making dungeons for the 'Unfinished Business'.

<Unfinished business>
Please visit the official page above

[ ] Purpose, requirements, install & uninstall

The main purposes of the mod 'Unfinished Business' are as follows:
1. I want to make some monumental-like objects in the EP02, but before implementing them into the EP02, I would like to try in a testing cell in order to see how it is like.
2. I want to test the objects but also want to place them in the in-game play.
3. I want to associate my humble works to some back stories of village folks.

!!! Required Mods: all official DLCs !!!
- Dawnguard
- Dragonborn
- Hearthfire

!!! Delete my mod after each test !!!
I want you to delete this testing mod after the test, because I keep changing the contents of the file for the completion.

!!! Install & Uninstall !!!
- Use the NMM
- Manually put/pull out the main file into your 'Data' folder of Skyrim. Activate/Deactivate the file.
(Only esp file. No bsa files so far)

[ ] Followings are the dungeons I would like to test (Unfinished business):
(Map marker are added)
- Dwemer ruin a little up on the slope from the south gate of Riverwood
- Nord ruin at the bottom of a tower located on the way to Bleakfalls Burrow
- Nord ruin a little south of Ivarstead
- Bandit's hideout (ruined imperial fort type) near Gjunkar's Monument in Whiterun hold
- Bandit's hideout (mix of nord ruin and green cave) near Gjunkar's Monument in Whiterun hold
- Necromancer's lair (mix of imperial fort and green cave) on the road between Riften to Black Blair's Lodge

[ ] Followings will be the dungeons I would like to test (Episode 02):
(Map marker is added, still you can check them in Image section)
I stop making the episode02 for a while, because I want to develop concepts and assets by making 'Unfinished Business'.
I will resume later.

<Base Story>
Lilian is an arms dealer who trades between merchants in northern nations and the merhchants in southern nations. She belonged to the imperial armory procurement, but she has interest in more money and wants to trade on her own.

Her fellow Daryle was a former Thalmor member, but he did not praise the way of Thalmor and wanted to use his talent of intelligence in other way. He met Lilian during an operation where the Thalmor cooperated with the Impire.

Lilian and Daryle are pursuing for an Imperial treasure, which was moved from Cyrodil to somewhere in Skyrim during the war.

<Pirates Coast>  ver.2.0
Construction: Nord ruin + snowy cave
Ruler: Molag Tong
Concept: Pirates-like
Located near (Border between Morrowind and Skyrim, Icy Area)
Overall story: Kind of intro to introduce Lilian's activity in Skyrim
Lilian came to here to get rid of her obstacles to her trading in Skyrim.

<Alt Fort XXX> ver.2.0
Located near Fort XXX
Construction: Mainly 'Imperial Fort' assets
Ruler: Thalmor
Concept: Command Operation Centre
Lilian happened to visit here by tracking the clue for the treasure or something which she gained at Pirate's place.

<Dark Falmer Cave> ver.2.0 or ver.2.2
Construction: FalmCave + DLC2 Dwemer
Located near North coast of Haalfingar or Labilyinthian

<Vampire clan castle> ver.2.2
Construction: Mainly 'Volkihar castle' assets
Located near XXX
Ruler: a vampire clan
Concept: Spiral tower

<Ancient Falmer Temple> ver.2.4
Construction: snow elven assets + Cave (Green ? Icy ?)
Located near
Concept: Forgotten elven lair

<Under Saathal> ver.2.4
Construction: Mainly 'Nord Ruin' assets
Ruler: XXX
Located near Saathal Excavation
Concept: Ruined ancient city of Saathal

<Valharandam> ver.2.6
Construction: Mainly 'Dwemer' assets + Mountain Rock + Open Space
Concept: Floating garden.
Ruler; XXX
Located near Wayward Pass (?)... not sure at all

[ ] Overall warning:
- This mod uses several locations of 'Skyrim world', so if other mods (you installed) use the same location, there is incompatibility (CTD perhaps).
- Do not try to jump into the water of a large room, I haven't put 'floor' there.
And I will put 'collision plane' for a safety at the time of official release. If you happen to be dropped off, use the console-command 'tcl 1' (collision off) and get back to the ground, and type 'tcl 0' (collision on).
- If you have difficulty in slaying enemies or boss, just use the console-command 'kill' or toggle to the god mode.

[ ] My tasks to be done:

Thank you for your testing//