Riverhome - A Quaint Home Near Riverwood by Zachsaballer
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Added: 11/04/2014 - 10:59PM
Updated: 10/05/2014 - 05:50AM

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Last updated at 5:50, 10 May 2014 Uploaded at 22:59, 11 Apr 2014

Version 5 has been released (it has been cleaned by tesvedit). This might just be the fifth and final version of the mod. I fixed the navmesh so your followers can travel down the stairs, I added shrines (yes, including nocturnal), some lighting changes were made, and you now have a nice night stand by your bed (with a strongbox on top of it).
Hope you guys enjoy this version. It's been a crazy run making and upgrading this mod, and its been a fantastic learning experience. I had absolutely no prior experience with the creation kit before making this so I'm glad I was able to have a hands on opportunity to learn how everything works.
Look's like that's it. Got to go. *courier voice*

Version 5 is out. Enjoy :)
Disclaimer: The screenshots are not accurate as of now besides a few things. Read the features and the rest of the description if you to know what's present in the house.

Version 3.5 of Riverhome is now out. There will be a version 4 but I'm working on another mod project as well. I wanted to get this small update out while I had the chance.
This update includes
-A nice area on the front porch for you to chill out (either by yourself or with a follower).
-A new book titled "History of Riverhome" that I personally wrote (Its worth a read in my opinion).
-A new drink called "Riverhome Reserve" that you can find on the front porch (if you decide to get this update)
Version 4 will be coming but like I said before, I'm working on another mod as well. Hope you guys enjoy this small update :)

I would make a clean save without v2 before updating to v3 just to be safe.
Updates include
-Weapon Racks
-Lighting Fixes
-Working Bookcase
-Some new Furnishings
-Updated Stairs
-Overall Better in Every Way

This is a new and improved player home mod located just outside of Riverwood. You can fast travel to Riverwood, turn your camera to the right, and voila. It is completely safe for your belongings so don't worry about that. If you're tired of having homes inside of cities and just want a peaceful house near the river, then this mod is for you. It has EVERYTHING that a dragonborn might need along his/her adventure including an alchemy lab, enchanting station, display's for your gear, grindstone, blacksmith forge, plenty of storage, and plenty of mannequins.
(Please Read)
Like I mentioned before this mod is completely safe for your belongings and should be compatible with any other mod (that doesn't modify the small area the house is located in). This is my first mod for Skyrim but don't let that stop you. I spent a good amount of time testing and tweaking so everything was just right. I wouldn't be uploading this if I wasn't going to use it myself.
This house has literally ANYTHING you might need.
New Versions Coming Soon
Let me know if you have ANY trouble whatsoever with this mod. Although I highly doubt that you will encounter any problems, anything is possible. Just ask if you want to use this mod for something.

**Final Note- Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or question. Endorse it if you want to :)
Thanks for your support guys. I couldn't have done it without it.