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This mod adds my character to your game! She is apart of the Dark Brotherhood (sorta...) tho she would rather be adventuring with the dragonborn. My first mod ever! She can be found right outside of riverwood!

info about Demitra!-
she in fact is in the werewolf faction so any werewolf mods may help bring that out. And she lvls with you from lvl 10 on to 80. (meaning she caps off at lvl 80 and when you find her she is lvl 10)
she has dark brotherhood armor and the blade of woe (she forged a copy ;) ) and conjure familar
is a spell she knows

none that i know of so if you find any tell me please!


Skyrim (duh)

Azar's ponytail mod-


NMM or drag n drop into SteamAppscommonSkyrimData folder


delete the following




from your data folder.