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Now,you can get effective from many "light armor" & "heavy armor" perks without limitation of equipment.
(But some of the "light armor" & "heavy armor" perks are weakened because it is very over-powered.)

For example...

- You can get effective from "Matching Set" even if wearing irregular parts of armors.

- The power of "Steel fist" does not depend on the gauntlet spec.
(Elven gauntlet is as strong as steel one.)

- You can get power from the perk "Juggernaut" without wearing heavy armors.

- Nor was that all, you can get the power from "Juggernaut" and "Agile Defender" at the same time
as if you learned 2 kinds of perks.

So, you can coordinate many kinds of armors as your own battle-dress.

-Modified Perks-

Juggernaut & Agile Defender (Also they are weakened.)

Fists of Steel

Well Fitted (Also they are weakened.)


Tower of Strength

Matching Set/Heavy (Also they are weakened.)

Reflect Blows

Custom Fit (Also they are weakened.)

Wind Walker

Matching Set/Light (Also they are weakened.)

Deft Movement