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[Short Description]
This Skyrim mod installs the DCR Blade Set. The DCR mods for Skyrim are a continuation of the original Dark Crusader content from Oblivion.

[What this mod contains]
-Dynamis III - 1 Hand
-Dynamis III - 2 Hand
-Dynamis III - 2 Hand Claymore
-Defender II Daggers - Attacking / Defense

-Swords: All three swords come with an option of being engraved or not, and have the option of the Consuming Fire Enchant. Consuming Fire is a custom enchant for this mod and was based off the Dawnbreaker Enchant. The pre-enchanted versions of these swords have a distinct glow on the hilt.

-Daggers: The Defender Daggers come with both an attacking version, or an off-hand defensive version that acts like a shield.

All four weapons are obtained with Ebony level blacksmithing, and are found in the Ebony Blacksmithing Tree. The out-of-box weapons stats are roughly equal to Ebony, Daedric, and the Dawnbreaker weapon(s).

[Other DCR Mods]
Dark Crusader Reforged is a mod series that recreates everything from the original Oblivion mod, plus items that never made it in. Below is a list in no specific order of items yet to be made. Items in blue are either done, or in beta stages.

-DCR - Shadow Buckler
-DCR - Heavy Weapons Set
-Shadow Defender Armor (in progress)
-DCR - Longbow

[DCR - Blade Set Version 1.1d - 05/10/2012]
-Adjustments: Item keywords have been fixed for the two hand, and claymore swords.

[DCR - Blade Set Version 1.1c - 04/30/2012]
-Adjustments: Added script reference to the DCR Bane Spell. This spell is activated when an undead is killed. The fire damage per-tick has been decreased, but the overall time has been increased (ramp up effect) simulating something catching fire a little closer.

[DCR - Blade Set Version 1.1b Update 2 - 03/25/2012]
-Adjustments: Weapon damage fix for the 2H and Claymore versions of Dynamis III. (standard & engraved)

[Older Release Notes]
-See change log.

-Esp: Program Files (or Program Files x86SteamSteamappsCommonSkyrimData
-Meshes: MeshesWeaponsDarkCrusaderReforged
-Textures: TexturesWeaponsDarkCrusaderReforged
-Textures: TextureseffectsDCRFXEffects
-Textures: TextureseffectsgradientsDCRFXGradients
-Textures: Texturescubemaps

[Nexus Mod Manager]
-Install with .7z archive. (This won't install the optional two-hand slings.)

[Textures & Materials for DCR Note]
Texture maps and materials for the DCR content is tailored around the use of SKYRIM ENHANCED SHADERS. Although it is not needed, I highly recommend using it to help get the intended appearance.

[Tech Specs]
Tris: Dynamis III w/scb - 4898
Tris: Defender II w/scb - 3344
Textures: 2048 x 2048 maximum

[Tools Used]
3ds Max
Creation Kit