Jorrvaskr A Small Renovation by Ansible2
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Added: 09/04/2014 - 07:06PM
Updated: 19/07/2015 - 07:29AM

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Last updated at 23:29, 18 Jul 2015 Uploaded at 11:06, 9 Apr 2014

What It Does
This mod simply adds a balcony level with some minor features including a cooking pot, fire place, book shelves, and some displays. It has been fully navmeshed and NPCs will use the objects on the balcony.

The latest Skyrim version (

Nexus Mod Manager
Simply download with manager or add the archive to NMM after downloading manually. Then activate it.
Download manually, open the archive, drop "Jorrvaskr Small Renovation.esp" into your Data folder.

Do not load a save inside Jorrvaskr or Whiterun; this may cause objects to be missing or out of place.

Load Order
Interior lighting mod .esp files should be lower in your load order then "Jorrvaskr Small Renovation.esp".

Additionally for those with the Unofficial Skyrim Patch: I also recommend placing "Jorrvaskr Small Renovation.esp" below the Unofficial Skyrim Patch in your load order.

If you do not do this, you may receive clipping objects or even a Crash To Desktop when changing cells.

Known Issues & Incompatibilities
  • Possible flickering of certain lights depending on your proximity to them. (More of an .ini file issue then the mod's)
  • It is possible to knock objects, within the area of the cooking pot or chairs in front of the fire, across the room if the pot or chairs are activated at a certain angle. Does not apply to kitchen version (V2 up).
  • When sitting in a chair in front of the fire place, if activated at certain angles (from the side), the player will be offset in the seated animation and may clip with the chair. This is likely because I did not force the camera to third-person; had I done so, I believe it would have caused an inability to manipulate the camera and access your inventory.
  • Some NPCs will teleport through the stairs. This will only occur when an NPC wants to sit in the chair (at the long table) directly adjacent to the staircase wall.

  • May not be compatible with Open Cities in that a chimney is added to Jorrvaskr's exterior. Does not apply to kitchen version (V2 up).