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Have you ever wondered why boats do not bob while in the water? But you never made them bob because you hate clipping? I HATE CLIPPING TOO :D

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  • Spanish


Ever wondered why boats don't bob while in water? Bethesda made a great job adding idle animations to boats but unfortunately never added them to the game due to clipping issues. I fixed it :D

Now you can enjoy the gentle bobbing while not staring at the clipping objects!

Completely Lore-Friendly and Immersive. More details below.

Video Reviews



Note: Videos above are NOT up-to-date, most bugs/glitches and many features have been added since.


Some modules do not require USLEEP or the DLC but having both is recommended. Merged options require both.

The latest version that supports pure vanilla is 2.3.2. You'll find it in the Files section under Miscellaneous.

Installation is semi-automated - it recommends (pre-selects) the most appropriate option based on the plugins in your load order.

Merged Files:

  • DLC: Includes Large, Long and Row Boats (requires Dragonborn and Dawnguard)

  • Snow: Includes Large, Long and Row Boats + NSUtR Patch (requires Dragonborn and Dawnguard)

  • New Lands: Includes Large, Long and Row Boats + Falksaar and Wyrmstooth Add-ons (requires Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Falskaar and Wymstooth)

  • Snowy New Lands: Includes Large, Long and Row Boats + Falksaar and Wyrmstooth Add-ons + NSUtR Patch (requires Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Falskaar and Wymstooth)

  • REGS: Includes Large, Long and Row Boats + Falksaar and Wyrmstooth Add-ons + NSUtR, Better Fast Travel and Regs - Better Docks Patches (requires Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Falskaar, Wymstooth and REGS - Better Docks)

  • Travel: Includes Large, Long and Row Boats + Better Fast Travel Patch (requires Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Better Fast Travel)

  • Snowy Travel: Includes Large, Long and Row Boats + NSUtR and Better Fast Travel Patches (requires Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Better Fast Travel)

  • New Lands with Travel: Includes Large, Long and Row Boats + Falksaar and Wyrmstooth Add-ons + Better Fast Travel Patch (requires Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Falskaar, Wymstooth and Better Fast Travel)

  • Snowy New Lands with Travel: Includes Large, Long and Row Boats + Falksaar and Wyrmstooth Add-ons + NSUtR and Better Fast Travel Patches(requires Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Falskaar, Wymstooth and Better Fast Travel)

Note: No Snow Under the Roof is not actually required for any of the patches or merged versions but why use them if you're not using NSUtR?

Mod Notes

Using the animation from Bethesda as a base, I redid the boat's animations and created a secondary one to make sure that boats that were in the same area did not bob in sync. After that, all I did was make so that every object on the boats followed the boat's bobbing so that there were no clipping issues. In some cases, boats were slightly moved to avoid annoying clipping with the docks but not all were covered - this was due to pre-existing clipping and so it will only be changed (or not) upon feedback. 

Some positioning issues were also fixed, like the barrel in Dawnstar clipping through the boat.

All boats that had objects on top of them were individually modified to keep the maximum amount of detail. Non-essential objects that do not have a workaround to make them bob, such as clutter (i.e. brooms) were removed to prevent further issues.

This mod has been cleaned in TES5Edit and every record has been checked to prevent dirty edits.


Spanish Translation
by Francisco Pozo - DJ FrANKy EHP

  • Download the installer.
  • Follow instructions on the installer or in the readme (for manual).
  • Activate the mod.
  • ???
  • Play!

Updating Procedures: Simply run the installer with the newer version and replace, no worries on updating.


  • Save your game.
  • Deactivate the mod and delete all mod files.
  • Reload the save game and pray it isn't completely destroyed!


Compatible with:
  •   Realistic Water Two - No patch needed: just follow the F.A.Q.!
  •   W.A.T.E.R. - Same as above: bobbing boats optional is pretty redundant!
  •   ETaC - No patch needed - if you use NSUtR just place Jenna's patch after my stuff.
  •   Fishing in Skyrim - Patch no longer needed!
  •   Falskaar - Add-on available.
  •   Wyrmstooth - Add-on available.
  •   No Snow Under the Roof - Patch available.
  •   SMIM - Patch available!
  •   REGS - Patch available. This is pretty much just a patch for Better Docks (REGS Version) for now.
  •   Animated Clutter - Patch packaged with warning.
  •   Better Fast Travel - Patch available!

NOTE: The Animated Clutter patches (trapdoors, sacks and barrels) have worked for some people, for others not a single one works (instant CTD on loading the cell) and for others (like me) some work and some don't and this appears to be random. If you want to try it out or try to fix it, go ahead, but neither me or jackmorris were able to find out why it is so.

  NONE so far but let me know if you find any!


Q: Where to put these plugins in my load order?
A: After all the mods that have patches/add-ons and before Realistic Water Two. If you find any problems please leave feedback!

Q: I want to merge EVERYTHING because I'm like, super modaholic. Is it gonna implode my pc?
A: Have at it kid.

Q: Will this mod really destroy my save if I uninstall it?
A: Although this is more dangerous with scripted mods, you run this risk with every mod you uninstall - therefore the usual advice not to [un]install mods during the same playthrough (that curiously no one follows). More an advice than an actual threat, don't worry.

Q: Will this mod kill my fps?
A: Unless you're running one of the very first PC's ever made - nope.

Q: How did you make such awesomeness happen?
A: I understand that you're curious, but... secrets of the trade! Nah, I'll write it down here so other people know how to work with this stuff - there are things, albeit small, that I learned doing this and I didn't find anywhere else, so I guess I'll try to contribute as much as possible to the community :D

Q: Add-on vs Patch?
A: An Add-on does not require the main mod but adds something related to the mod (in this case, bobbing to Falskaar and Wyrmstooth). A patch is usually dependent on the main mod and on another mod and is used to provide compatibility or to forward changes.

Q: Can you make a patch for xyz?
A: Depends. If it's a small mod with few changes I might put it at the top of my list but the priority right now is fixing what is already done.

Q: I seem to have found an invisible wall in one of your boats. HAVE YOU DESTROYED MY GAME?!?
A: There are some collision issues due to how collision works inside meshes. If you find any of these please report so I can fix it. If they exist they're bound to be minimal as neither me or my testers have found any.

Q: Can I make a request related to your mod?
A: Sure, I'm more than happy to get feedback and new ideas, I'm usually looking for something to work on when I'm not on a project.

Q: NMM is saying there was an error while installing your mod - HOW COME YOU'RE RUINING MY GAME?!?
A: While this is highly unlikely to happen, I will not troubleshoot issues with mod managers - at most I can try do something about MO. The reason for this is that I only use MO and know pretty much nothing about the others. So please take your complaint to the appropriate support forums. And don't get me started on manual installation.

Q: I have an issue inside Dragonsreach - FIX IT FOR ME!
A: THAT'S NOT A QUESTION. So I won't do it! (I'm sorry but I can't troubleshoot stuff that has nothing to do with my mod)