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A Traveler's Guide:
Traveling Skyrim by Carriage


Do you love traveling the world?
Do you NEED to know where you are going at all times?

Then look no further than your friendly Traveler's Guide Skyrim Carriage edition Volume 1.
Includes a roll out map for quick reference!

A guide book listing all the Touring Carriages destinations your
carriage driver will take you.

In addition, a handy map has been provided so you can quickly glance at the main carriage routes from your inventory.

Both items have been added to a chest at the Whiterun Stables next to the Touring Carriages map.


  • None
  • Touring Carriages is recommended. Why would you need a guide book without it?

Recommended Load Order:

  • After TouringCarriages.esp

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  • DayDreamer for Touring Carriages
  • DanielCoffey and doccdr for Book Covers Skyrim - Journal mesh
  • DevonTT for the "Pieceof8- Old Paper" used for the parchemnt map
  • liz west "worn leather" used for the journal cover
  • The UESP for the map of Skyrim