Sylgja the Brave by SentinelLyons
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Added: 05/04/2014 - 02:32AM
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Last updated at 2:32, 5 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 2:32, 5 Apr 2014

Ever been fed up with how good looking Sylgja is? What a good personality she has? Yet, she still wears those Miner Clothes and walks around with a pickaxe? This mod fixes it by giving her a nice jacket look. It also gives her a pony tail. I also raised her braveness and aggressiveness up so she will fight other's when attacked (this is mainly meant for Hearthfire players, so she will defend land). Along with the braveness upgrade, she has her own Imperial Bow (which can be looted) that deals 15 damage.

*WARNING* I do not know if mods that allow a Tsun's armor texture for females affects this mod, as that is what Sylgja wears. The model just changes the armor textures for females.