Whiterun Hut by Nart2007
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Whiterun Hut
by Nart2007

A very simple, yet immersive starter home in Whiterun. All the lights and fireplaces can be turned on and off. There is a bookshelf, 3 chests, 2 single beds and a storage door version if you have the General Stores mod. All storage items are safe to store your things (non-respawning). 5 weapon plaques. It is fully nav-meshed for a follower. Cleaned with TES5Edit.

New in v2.0:

Major changes to the layout. Added a lower level with a door that leads out to a deck that overlooks the Whiterun Stables, etc. (You can also see my other mod, "Kamstead" from here, if you have it. The windows are transparent so you can see out into Whiterun. You can also put "curtains" over the windows (just look to the top of the windows and there will be an activator there).

NOTE: When updating any version, I highly recommend making a "clean" save: Remove all your items from the hut, (if you have alot, just use the " ` " (tild) key, which opens the console, and type in "TGM" without the quotes). Then you can haul everything out quickly without moving slowly. THEN, save your game outside the hut, exit game and uninstall old version and go back into the game and make a clean save without the mod installed, THEN install newest version and you should be good to go. I only recommend doing this because I have run into issues with the weapon and shield racks not working right. Sometimes you can just exit the hut and re-enter, but it did not work for me. :)