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This mod replaces the textures of noble furniture with new enhanched ones.
Original textures are 512x512, new textures are 2048x2048 (4x original size)
Precisely 3 textures + 3 relative normal maps (6 total)

Permissions and credits
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- - Enhanced Noble Furniture 4x _byMike - -

download / check for updates here:

------ Introduction ------
Original vanilla textures for noble furniture are really bad looking, i tried different mods that replace them but i was not satisfied so i decided to make a mod by myself.
I remade the textures almost completly and i think the result is quite good (at least IMHO).
- Added 31 screenshots because images explain better than words, so watch carefully and you can judge by yourselves if they meet your taste :)
- Last upadate: added 6 new screens for better comparison with the new HD texture pack from Bethesda.

------ Description ------
This mod replaces the textures of noble furniture with new enhanched ones.
Original textures are 512x512p (1024x1024p if you are using the new official HD texture pack), enhanced textures are 2048x2048p.
Precisely 3 diffuse textures + 3 relative normal maps (6 total):

------ Lower resolution version ------
In the LowRes version ONLY NORMAL MAPS ARE DECREASED in resolution to 1024 from 2048.
Main textures (diffuse) ARE STILL 2048x2048.



------ Instructions ------
Install/Uninstall -> copy/delete the files in:

Or use Nexus Mod Manager :)

------ Version History ------

--->>> v1.0 Initial release (3 January 2012)

--->>> V1.1 (7 January 2012)
-textures desaturated and darkened.
-improved normal maps with higher color-size for a 'deeper' effect of surfaces.
-few adjustments of grafic, better decorations.

--->>> V1.2 (13 January 2012)
-Texture severely redone: almost all parts of wood and metal that looked too 'polished' were changed with new worn/rustic wood and scratched/dirty metal parts. So now they look more 'lore friendly'.
-Few adjustments of graphic, color and normal maps to other textures too.
-Added several NEW SCREENHOTS of v1.2 for a better comparison with vanilla and previous version.
--->>> Alternative v1.2
-Added an 'Alternative' version 1.2 for download. This alternative includes a PART of the previous 'polished' textures of wood and iron.
Alternative v1.2 may look cool but it's NOT so lore friendly! So i dont suggest to use it.
I added it just for peoples who prefered the previous v1.1 (it's similar to v1.1 with some improvements of v1.2).
-Added 2 screens of Alternative v1.2.

------ > Last Update < ------
--->>> V1.3 (21 January 2012)
-Wooden parts of texture severely redone, so beds and benchs do look better now :)
-few graphic adjustments, color and brightness balanced, some parts desaturated a bit.
-Added new screenshots of v1.3.
-Added also the Alternative v1.3 with the new textures for beds and benchs.

------ Note ------
Ok after a month of work i think this is definitely the final version :D
If you liked this mod please remember to endorse it.
As i said, after a lot of work, endorsements are always appreciated :)

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