Mira female dark-elf archer companion by RascallyRock
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Mod is dead. I gave up. Computer got fried. Other mod I made is dead too.

Mira is a female archer dark-elf. SHE IS LOCATED AT THE FOUR SHIELDS TAVERN IN DRAGON BRIDGE. She will level with you until level 82. she has no original dialogue and no extra features such as quests. She has with her Some Hide armor, elven arrows, a elven bow, and her entire life savings (500 gold).
This mod only requires the most updated version of skyrim (duh) but i HIGHLY recommend using a new face texture such as CBBE or UNP. I use the CBBE and the pictures i uploaded are the CBBE texture of her however, i uploaded one picture of her normal face. The armor she has on her in the pictures is the barbarian armor from hothtrooper44's immersive armor. Get it here: set.

use the ~ key and click on her and type setrelationshiprank 14 3 and viola she will be your follower now.
If you do encounter a problem Please tell me! I will check on this every few days or so to see if anybody finds a problem and i will go to fix it.

Don't like her?:
If you don't like her then don't install the mod. Its the thought that counts!
Can I?:
If you want to change the mod in any aspect go right ahead.