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Added: 02/04/2014 - 10:31PM
Updated: 03/04/2014 - 09:00PM

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Last updated at 21:00, 3 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 22:31, 2 Apr 2014

Seraphim outfit retexture with 4 colors style, Support high heel system and including physic effect with tie, outfit is convert from oblivion by person123456789.

In case when I use it the dress tie is never Penetrate, because it have collision, I have do 100 time above test before released the file on here, If you get any strange or cant work same situation with me, remove your custom female skeleton.hkx, and keep high in default (in case normal high is "8") with high heel system, and dont change the global high.

Dont change global high in skyui high heel manu, keep it always "0" , if you change it, it will affact the physic unit.

Requirement for seraphim outfit:
HDT High Heel System
HDT Physic Extend version (12-29) or above, find it on google.

Unzip and replace your skyrim data, or use Nexus Mod Manager to install.
To get the outfit, Type "~" in cosole panel
Sofya (Black) type: help sof or full word in console.
Shuyala (Red One) type: help shu or full word in console.
Elina (Pink) type: help eli or full word in console.

any female body, normally when you wear up seraphim outfit will auto fit your body looks like cbbe thin.

Add 1stperson support.
Add path in nif for missing lace texture fixed.
Retexture Shuyala(Red) and add white lace optional file for choice.
Preview picture is including inside the outfit folder.
Add missing path for physic.

Seraphim Physic effect preview:

Hentai(zotman12) for the Original Seraphim Armour.
person123456789 for outfit converted to skyrim.
HydrogensaysHDT The HDT Physic Extend Plugin Creator.
blabba & Yoo(Canderes & Neckros) for the Physic Technical Support.