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Brooke started life in Fallout 3 and now she finds Skyrim. But does she know how she got here?

Brooke is a follower who can hire normally but she also has a back story which I hope to develop further. The back story chat options will appear after hiring her. (If they don't then it's the dialogue bug from the creation kit. Save, quit to menu and load the game again and it will fix it and the dialogue will be there) You should see "What's your story then?" in your options.

You can find her at the inn in Rorikstead

Version 4.5

Hair and face issue fixed

Version 5

Taken the disarm spell off her as I found it caused problems with other companions. In a game I was playing she accidentally disarmed Lydia which Lydia didn't take kindly to and the pair launched into a vicious fight which ended in Lydia's death! I have replaced the disarm shout with some harmless a healing spell and some restoration perks. She shouldn't be able to do any damage with those.

Brooke is marriable and the next update should also increase the dialogue options for and add more to her back story

Version 6

Further changes to her looks due to the grey face issue hitting me, to fix it I had to change the name of the plug in file.

Added a bit more dialogue to her back story


The disarm shout had somehow crept back in which gets annoying as she keeps disarming the player and in one example she disarmed Lydia which resulted in a fight and the death of Lydia! Added healing spells and restoration perks as a substitute.

I have tested Brooke with the Amazing Follower Tweaks mod and she works fine