JaySuS Swords Rustic - Gilded and Fine Variant Remover by M0J0MAN
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Added: 02/04/2014 - 09:12AM
Updated: 02/04/2014 - 09:24AM

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Last updated at 9:24, 2 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 9:12, 2 Apr 2014

Removes the Fine and Gilded variants of some weapons to clean crafting menu of (imo) a bit of clutter. Two files, complete remover or only crafting remover.

Complete will remove the variants from both leveled lists and crafting.
Crafting will still allow you to find and refine the variants but not craft them yourself.

This should go without saying but only use one.

Only works with Sharlikran's V14 JaySuS Swords, install after and replace.

Also if you liked check out my other mod which also changes JaySuS Swords (what can I say, I had some problems with the vanilla version)

Credit to JaySuS for creating his smexy sword mod and Sharlikran (i think thats how you spell it) for cleaning and updating.