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Introducing Beyond Skyrim: Calipers, the next epic chapter in the Elder Scrolls saga. From the defeat of Alduin, to Solstheim, to calipers, this latest Skyrim content release serves to solidify the diversity of the Dovahkiin's adventures. Featuring millions of calipers and your favorite Daedric Prince, Dark Creations and the Beyond Skyrim team are proud to present Beyond Skyrim: Calipers!

The Beyond Skyrim team have slaved away for a great many minutes to bring this slice of pure, unfiltered, unadulterated adventure to the collective fingertips of the Skyrim playerbase. We have lovingly crafted each of the (infinite) calipers in Beyond Skyrim: Calipers with painstaking attention to detail and an eye for the sublime. We have even brought the Madgod himself into the fold.

Add to your Skyrim data folder, check BSCalipers.esp on your load order, and sing praise to Sheogorath. Whilst doing a handstand, if possible.

Why would you ever want to uninstall this mod? Did we do something wrong?

Were our calipers not good enough for you?

Would you have preferred tongs instead?

Fine. Be that way. Delete BSCalipers.esp and BSCalipers.bsa. See if I care.

Change Log:
Initial release

Future Updates:
Caliper-based barter system.

Lore-friendly caliper origin quest-line.

Mountable calipers.

Climates of Tamriel compatibility patch.

40,000xx40,000 HD replacer textures.

Marriageable calipers.

Rebalancing to bring value closer in line with tongs.

Known Issues:
Common side effects include facial flushing, headaches, stomach pain, nasal congestion, nausea, and an inability to differentiate between the colors green and blue.

Beyond Skyrim: Calipers is fully compatible with CBBE, UNP and ADEC. In the future, we even plan to make it compatible with Climates of Tamriel, but sadly, due to the highly complex nature of our Calliper Attunement and Orientation Script™, we were unable to include this for the initial release.


Modeling and Texturing - Psychedelic
Scripting - Thingy Person
Writing - Lasur Arkinshade
Voice Acting - Trendane Sparks
Trailer Voiceover - Zaf
Trailer Editor - Wellpapp
Trailer Music - CaptainCreepy
Caliper Wrangler - 1shoedpunk
Calipers logo - Zaldiir

Special Thanks:

We would like to extend special thanks to the following amazing people:

Todd Howard (who is not on the team but is with us in spirit)
Sheogorath (who is both on the team and with us in spirit)
Tove the Unrestful (for his expert caliper consultancy)
Glarthir (for keeping us always looking over our shoulders)
Norbert Lelles (for playing games of ‘I Spy’ with us when we grew weary. Oh, Norbert. You and your beady little eyes...)
Dark Creations and the other Beyond Skyrim teams