Open Face Guard Helmets by axonis
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Added: 01/04/2014 - 03:59PM
Updated: 12/05/2016 - 07:52PM

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Last updated at 19:52, 12 May 2016 Uploaded at 15:59, 1 Apr 2014

If you like this mod, please download and endorse Teh-Husky's original work.
It makes no sense to me that my derivative work receives more endorsements than his!

This mod replaces guard helmets with Teh-Husky's open faced versions. It exposes their facial features expressions which greatly enhances guard dialogue and guards have a lot of things to say.

There are versions for vanilla Skyrim, Falskaar and a separate file for Requiem. Real Stormcloak helmets and Falskaar reinforced helmets retain their appearance, so the original closed helmet designs will not be lost in your game! The patch is updated per the latest USKP dialogue typo fixes.

I would also suggest that you consider installing Guard Dialogue Overhaul which fixes many aspects of guard dialogue (eg. guards making annoying comments even when you have a heroic reputation) and unlocks dialog lines that you would never hear otherwise.

To install the mod simply extract the BSA and ESP files at your Data folder. If you are using Falskaar make sure to replace the vanilla ESP with the ESP from the appropriate folder.

Guard Dialogue Overhaul and Requiem

For reasons stated above, integrating Guard Dialogue Overhaul with Requiem is the way to go. Also, while Requiem 1.9 has implemented Teh-Husky's open faced design, my patch still provides the darker variant for Stormcloak-aligned guards instead of using a single version for all. Just make sure you enable GDO before Requiem and the patch after Requiem, run the Reqtificator and you are done!

This patch is also compatible with KFR, merging KFR's keywords and stats, while adding a few more items to GDO dialogue (eg. some types of advanced plate armors will receive appropriate comments from guards). If you use KFR, please load it above this patch.