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Aura of Tranquility

Whether a lone survivor in the need of a little rest, a wandering screenarcher, a foolhearty adventurer looking to delve the deepest of crypts to study the architecture, a herbologist wanting to examine the textures - Aura of Tranquility reduces the aggression you face, and can go with your activities without the fear of an attack.

It comes in two flavors - full effect for free - and a variety of limited effect to let you choose which type of delivery and composition that best suits your playstyle.

Feel free to let yourself for some exploration!

Tome of Dovahkiin Tranquility - full effect

Tome of Dovahkiin Tranquility is added to your inventory. Read it to learn the Aura power which gives you the full effect for free - toss it away if you prefer to use more limited effects and retain some gameplay challenge.

Circlet of Meridian Tranquility

This circlet affects only the undead. With this item, even a novice journeyman could delve deep into nordic crypts - but beware those who are not undead. It's unfortunate for you that it is in Malkoran's possession. Upon entering the Kilkreath Ruins, Meridia will offer you a few scrolls to help cleanse her crypt.

Amulet of Eminent Tranquility

This amulet will affect all living NPCs, except for Dwemer, Daedra or Dragons. You are easily able to find this amulet at Lover's Stone.


Scrolls can be bought some merchants and found scattered in a few locations across Tamriel.

Scroll of Benign Tranquility
Pacifies animals and giants, but not trolls or spiders. You will receive one such scroll from Danica, if you agree to help her to revive the Gildergreen tree.

Scroll of Equilibrant Tranquility
Living humanoids cease to fight.


Four powerful spells for druids and mages! They are relatively short lived, and do not affect humanoid NPCs until at master level. The tomes appear on leveled lists for all illusion merchants.

Aura of Mundus Tranquility (apprentice)
Tranquilises animals and giants.

Aura of Corpus Tranquility (adept)
Tranquilises undead creatures.

Aura of Dwemer Tranquility (expert)
Tranquilises Dwemer creatures.

Aura of Exalted Tranquility (master)
Tranquilises all beings but dragons.


SKSE version 1.7 is required.

Ultimate Assortment by FavoredSoul
To get the excellent Arwen's Evenstar model for the Amulet of Eminent Tranquility, you absolutely must (well no, not absolutely, but I urge you to) download and activate FavoredSoul's exquisite Ultimate Assortment mod. Its assets will be dynamically detected and used for the amulet with the help of SKSE. All of the items in the mod are unique and available from Belethor's General Goods store in Whiterun. Download and endorse! You will not be disappointed.


KDCirclets Redone by zzjay and harokyang
zzjay has generously permitted the use of the circle assets, and the Circlet of Meridia uses a model from there. I slightly adjusted the model in NifSkope and created a new glow map. Thank you zzjay for this beautiful circlet.