Perfect Falkreath by GrandDukeAdense
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Perfect Falkreath
Overhauls the city of Falkreath completely!
Falkeath sucks...
So here's my soloution...
This is a simple mod that COMPLETELY changes how Falkreath looks. Instead of being a bunch of farmhouses, the city is now walled and centered around a small plaza with a fountain. It was designed to look like it had once been a great city, but now it is slightly decayed. The famous graveyard is also larger and more creepy now.
This mod will seriously rid you of the most boring city in Skyrim and replace it with a unique place!!
Check screenshots below if you want a taste! Then go back up to the top and click the download link!
-Bethesda Game Studios
-My dog (Actually I don't have a dog)
-You (but only if you download and endorse!!)