Become King Of Natan Still in making Need Help by Shadow0987
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To get to this place go to Solitude or WindHelm or Riften There is a big boat at all those city's

Hi im Done with making this mod i have made the city the castle and now i need someone to help in making the npc shops new voices for npc and a quests and allot more if you can do that feel free to download this mod and fix it up

so basically if you have the skill to do all that and finish this mod i give you permission to upload it to nexus mod

Ok permission is different now feel free to do what you want with this mod

This mod makes whiterun a water town you swim everywhere I don't know y?

Everything you need to know about this town VIDEO!!!!

Story Line The king has Past away from old age And Tatan requires a new king but to become king your need money to become one

Things that would be cool in this mod

[Need NPCs on the streets Walking Around]
[Need A NPC in the Inn selling food And Hotel selling $10 to sleep in a bed for a night]
[Need Workers On Wood Chopping Blocks and Wood Drill at the docks]
[Need Homeless People In the camp At the docks]
[A NPC that say hay welcome to Natan at the Boat Start Docks]
[Become the king]
[A Executioner In the jail And Prisoners]
[People Selling stuff in the market distrike]
[People at the docks doing work]
[Make a Fight Arena at the Fight Stadium]
[Make Armor for Guards and make Guards]
[Make a Flag and symbol For Natan]
[Fill In or fix any thing you think needs fixing or add what you want to the castle or town]
[Add import And Export at Docks]
[Add Items The Npcs or the city require]
[Good Or Bad King]
[jail Prison Fun (torcher)]
[Guard Follower]
[A Enermy]
[Enermy Attack on the city (NotNeededButWouldBeCool)]
[Cooks in the castle Cooking Erea]
[Cleaners in the castle]
[A Music Band And Party In the Living Room In the Castle and a call everyone to party or have dinner]
[King Cloths]
[And Add What ever else You Think Would Make This mod Really Good]
[At the Homeless place make the npcs ask for a septem and able to give them money]

EveryThing you need to know is in the video it will show you were everything is.

[Also if you can make it so you can talk to random npcs and they just give you a random quest like can i have some cheese or i need 1 iron ingot or can you deliver this wood to this (Npc)]