Imperial Dark Knight Equipment - FF4 Style by GingerArcher
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This mod adds an entirely new, stand-alone set of armor and a weapon to the game, based on the Dark Knight equipment from Final Fantasy 4.

Up-to-date Skyrim. No DLCs or other mods should be required.

Both the armor and weapon have special enchantments that increase their power based on how many people the player has killed. The armor is available for all human races, plus Argonian and Khajit. (With custom helmets for those 2)

The weapon also has an extra enchantment I won't mention, but you'll figure it out. ;)

The mod also includes a new area, (small), with some new NPCs and a new quest to complete in order to obtain the gear. (Quasi lore-friendly)

To start the quest, go pay a visit to the Temple of the Divines and take a careful look around. ;)

Optional file:
I have also uploaded an optional patch which changes the female's chest armor to be more rounded/feminine instead of square. Simply unzip into your data directory after installing the main files so that the female armor gets overwritten. (See pic #5 for an example, compared to pic #2)

Future plans:
Female armor is currently only one size. I'll release a patch soon that correct this.
Further tweaking of the weapon effects.
Tail armor for Argonians & Khajits!
Optional open-faced helmets.

Conflict information:
The mod slightly modifies the Temple of the Divines in Solitude and the wilderness South of Falkreath, so if you have another mod that changes those cells you *might* have a conflict.
No other conflicts are known, but if you experience one please let me know!
The armor was built around the vanilla body, but it replaces it entirely so it *should* theoretically work even if you have other bodies installed. If you have UNP/CBBE/etc installed and it doesn't work, please let me know and I'll get a patch out to fix it.

Users are free to change or tamper with this mod as they see fit, but must ask my permission before re-distributing their changes.

Conceptually based on the Dark Knight equipment from Final Fantasy 4, by Square-Enix.
Immortalfrieza for the original mod request.
Sann for his clever work in the Vampire Overhaul mod, which inspired some of the edits in this mod.