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Adelaisa Vendicci is an Imperial in the vanilla game that works for the East Empire company in Windhelm, and can become a follower. She is apparently a former Imperial soldier, wearing Imperial heavy armor.

However, she has an odd, somewhat useless set of skills (she is not skilled in the heavy armor she wears, for example) and a face that looks like she's been on a 2-week skooma bender. I'm fine having older NPC followers, but I wanted her rough looks to appear as though she's been battle-hardened from years of service as a soldier, not like she's strung out or sickly. This mod changes that.


  • Marked Essential. (note: in an existing game, you may need to use UFO to set the essential flag, using the "You are important" dialogue option.)
  • Female gender stance.
  • Levels with the player from 5 to 100.
  • Custom class and combat style.
  • Perked in her particular skillsets (one-handed weapons (including dual-wield, archery,block,heavy armor, and of course, Lightfoot).
  • Morality: Up to "Violence against enemies"
  • Reviewed with TES5Edit.

  • 1H - Armsman60/Bladesman60/DualFlurry30/DualSavagery
  • Archery - Overdraw20/CriticalShot60/Ranger
  • Block - ShieldWall60/DeflectArrows/BlockRunner
  • Heavy Armor - Juggernaut60/TowerofStrength
  • Sneak - Lightfoot

Vanilla Skyrim. No DLCs required.

See "Latest Version" link above.

If you are starting a new game:
  • Download with NMM.
  • Activate in NMM.

For an existing game - IMPORTANT:
This is in case Adelaisa's skills/stats are not appropriately changed just by loading the mod.
(Use UFO or similar mod to verify her skills/stats are correct.)
If not, use the method below.

  • Create a savegame.
  • Download mod with NMM.
  • Exit game and activate mod in NMM.
  • Load the savegame.
  • Open the console (tilde key) and click on Adelaisa. You should see her Form ID number appear.
  • Type: disable (this will cause Adelaisa to disappear - that's ok)
  • Type: enable
  • Type: setlevel 1000 0 5 100
  • Exit the console (tilde key)
  • Adelaisa should now reappear and her stats should be correct (you can check with UFO)

Dismiss the follower.
Deactivate in NMM.

Do not upload this mod elsewhere, but feel free to use anything in it for your own mod.

Load after UFO or any other mod which modifies Adelaisa.
Uses only vanilla assets.
Recommended mods:
UFO-Ultimate Follower Overhaul
Follower Trade Priority
Challenging AI - Aggressive Combat Styles
Duel - Combat Realism

Mods used in screenshots
I like a generally minimalistic approach to character visual changes. These are the mods I use which affect female appearance:

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