About this mod

A full-scale recreation of Runescape in Skyrim. Landmasses, Skills, Quests, Items and everything else.

Permissions and credits
This mod will be available for SAE soon, development for Oldrim/SSE has officially stopped for good.

New this version:
Quest: Rune Mysteries (The OSRS version)
The Runecrafting Skill
Free-to-play Runecrafting Altars
Canoe Stations along the river Lum

"Features" I am aware of:
You can run inside of the rune essence cluster. I will hotfix this later, I need to figure out how to add collisions to that mesh.
Prayers don't drain prayer points. This will be in the next hot-fix.
The Runecrafting Talismans' locate ability is a bit buggy. I need more feedback so I can better locate the problem.

Fixed quest bug in "Blood and Bronze" where Dezzick couldn't verify if you prospected the ore.

Next version will include:
Spells and focus on the Magic Skill (non-combat spells)
The Mage Training Arena
Farming and Herblore (lower level potions)
Thieving Skill (Stalls and Pickpocketing)
Some more minor quests (Looking for voice actors if interested!)

Want to see live SkyScape development, and interact with me directly? Just have a question in general, or just want to hang out with me?
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Make new characters for this mod. Always heal up to full Health/Magicka/Stamina before using the current MCM's "Teleport" function.

Tips for updating this mod:
ALWAYS make a clean save outside of Gielinor (use the MCM to go back to Skyrim) before updating to a newer version of the mod.
I would advise against down-grading versions.
Just to be safe, I also recommend taking a screenshot of your current XP on all of your stats (the MCM menu), just in case I REALLY mess up.

Goal of the Mod

This mod is an attempt to fully recreate Runescape in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This mod recreates the skills, quests, and the overall feel of Runescape, as a first person experience using the creation engine. The aim of the project is to recreate the best parts of all the different Runescape products, not just RS3, OSRS, Deadman, and Darkscape(rip).

Ever wanted to feel more immersed in the world of Runescape, Gielinor?

Ever wanted to use skills such as fishing, firemaking, or wouldcutting in Skyrim?
Ever wanted to have a similar experience to an MMO in Skyrim?

This mod is for you!

This project is made for the SkyScape community by Runescape players, community members have alot of say when it comes to the development of this project. Be sure to let us know what you want out of SkyScape! Here is what we need from you, the user:

Looking for developers:

Combat Developer: Someone who knows how to make NPCs act similar to how they do in Runescape (Areas with multi-way combat, areas with single-way combat). This person will essentially be designing any aspects in the mod that relate to combat, whether it be AI behavior, AI damage, and even player damage. TripleSixes will assist with any scripting if needed.

Worldspace Developer: There is a lot of work to do when it comes to re-creating the world of Gielinor. The more people we have on the project making landmasses, the faster the project will go. Knowing how to create working LOD would be a plus as well.

Interior Developer: Where there are doors, there are interior cells. We need people to make interiors such as dungeons, house interiors, and even player-owned houses.

3D Artists: We need lots of custom models. We need people familiar with Nifskope to transfer a lot of pre-made work too.

Quest Developers: These people will work closely on the main plugin with TripleSixes, so he doesn't have to do all the work for quests.

Voice Actors: Where there are quests, there are NPCs. Where there are NPCs, there is dialogue. The more people we can get on this, the better and more alive the mod will feel.


This version of the mod has lots of place-holder models (sweet rolls are the placeholders for items, statics have temp models) and imbalances in the skills and combat. Please reflect on these imperfections, but understand that I am aware of the place-holder models. Note some armor/weapons have functional place-holders, but will be updated when art objects are made for them.

I tried my best to recreate the skill formulas (chance of chopping a log, mining ore, etc.) but I need wide-scale testing to make these formulas more accurate.

Sadly I have not found a way to support vampires, so be sure to drink up before you start, or start a new character who is not a vampire. Sorry for this inconvenience.

I am keeping a close eye on mods that introduce online multiplayer, and will try my best to introduce multiplayer if said mods ever finish.

Currently, the Cooking and Smithing scripts are using the previous framework which unfortunately have no escapes in them once processing occurs. What that means is if you have 20 raw beef and you choose to cook all 20 raw beef, you will not be able to move until all 20 are processed (cooked). This will go away when I can move the skills to new framework. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you want to peek at the source code, you can find it on github.

Would you like this mod to be a fusion of OSRS and RS3 elements, or would you rather keep the experiences separate?
Combat will remain like OSRS either way.
Vote Now!


This mod has lots of menus and dialogue. I recommend:
Better MessageBox Controls by ecirbaf
Better Dialogue Controls by ecirbaf

Don't like SkyUI? Get rid of it but keep the MCM goodness:
SkyUI-Away by Bethesda Game Studios

Sometimes the Skyrim battle music just breaks your immersion, get rid of it with this:
No Combat Music by Phitt

Tired of hearing your character grunt and scream when mining or chopping trees? Get rid of them with this mod:
Silent Hero by LordSane

Known Bugs:

The "floating grass" bug: If you encounter this bug, try fixing it with this. Otherwise, open the console and type "tg" to toggle the grass meshes off. Toggle it back on later if you wish. You can also save, quit Skyrim, and load your save to fix the issue temporarily.

Some monsters are incredibly over-powered: v1.1 combat has not been balanced yet, so there may be some inconsistencies. I managed to get monsters to attack back no matter what, which is an important milestone I wanted to achieve, as before then battling was the process of chasing down enemies while they ran away. I also incorporated some loot lists, but I made a design change. Normally there are different categories of loot a creature can drop, and these categories are chosen one at a time. I decided to have loot get evaluated for all categories and drop more than once in rare cases. If the feedback for this is negative, then I will add another layer to the loot-tables, only allowing a single drop from the non-always categories. This as well as other things can be polled on my forum.

Found a different bug? Report it here.

How to start:

Please get a good clean save before starting, or start a new character.

While in Skyrim (NOT Gielinor), Open Skyrim's main menu (Esc), and open the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM), click on 'SkyScape'. This menu is essential to playing the mod. The 'Teleport' tab functions as a means to bounce between Skyrim and Gielinor. It stores all of your skyrim equipment, and sets you up for play with new ones. You will arrive naked to your destination after using this teleport, excluding the first time. This is a limitation of papyrus. Just equip your belongings and go about your day. Using this 'teleport' tab while in Gielinor, will send you back to Skyrim, storing your SkyScape items and
returning your Skyrim items. Again, please perform a clean save before starting the mod, just in case.

How to uninstall the mod:

Before you disable or delete the mod, be sure to first use the MCM's teleport function to place your character back in Skyrim, then perform a save. Failure of doing so will trap you in the abyss.

If you installed the mod with NMM or MO, just disable the mod.

If you manually installed the mod, and would like to remove it, delete the following:







This project is my way of paying homage to Runescape, as a fan, for the fans. This mod can in no way replace Runescape, or the last decade of wonderful 15+ years of gaming with Jagex LTD. Please support the official release. As you know, mods are made for no monetary gain. In this case, not even donations.
The content in this mod is based off of assets created by Jagex Ltd and reproduced under fair use. “Jagex” and “RuneScape” are registered trademarks of Jagex Ltd. You may access the official RuneScape website here:
I am in no way affiliated with Jagex LTD, and I did not make Runescape. I will not accept donations of any kind. If you feel Jagex is being infringed upon, take a look in the "Permissions" section of this mod for more information about why that is not so.

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