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-) Skyrim
-) The latest patch

Big thanks to hodilton for his awsome video (LEFT). Amazing work really. Please visit his site and give him many many likes.
Another awsome video made by Nozi87 (RIGHT). Please also visit his site and give him many many likes.

Another awsome video by the courtsy of Legorox. Please also visit his site and give him some likes.


It's time to present you my next little project which is part of my Immersive Player Locations.
This series contains some little lore friendly additions to the game. I will convert them maybe once to one big file.

This part adds a nice custom house made out of a old windmill to the Eastmarch hold. It's very detailed and offers a unique location as well as a unique look. The house has a dark collectors feeling and also a little backstory behind it.
You will have to buy the house and won't get it for free. Anyway don't worry the price is appropriate.
I invested a lot of work in the unique feeling of the house and finding the right location.

You can find the house just near Mixwater Mill. If you can't find it look on the locations screenshot which is also included in the download.

Screenshots by the courtsy of Elianora. She uses The Grim and Somber ENB.


-) Unique look outside with custom arranged riften house parts
-) Nice location near the water
-) Your own little island with some nice places to relax
-) Very detailed house with lot's of static clutter
-) Containers to store your stuff
-) Custom crafting stations
-) 3 Mannequins well suited into the house
-) A nice bed and a small window
-) A own imagespace which generates a really awsome atmosphere
-) Some weapon holders
-) Custom storage for potions, misc stuff and so on
-) A treasure chest to store your valuable stuff
-) 2 bookcases
-) A small cave which perfectly fits the house
-) A custom smelte pot
-) Smithing and other crafting facilities (the wood chopping you can do at Mixwater Mill)
-) Unique lightning which is well thought
-) Fully navmeshed
-) Safe containers


I would recommend to install the mod with the NMM or any other mod managing tool.

If you want to install it manually drop the following 2 files in your data folder:
-) LonleyShack.esp
-) LonleyShack.bsa
-) LonleyShack.bsl


Again I would recommend to uninstall the mod with the NMM or any other mod managing tool.

If you want to uninstall it manually remove the following 2 files in from data folder:
-) LonleyShack.esp
-) LonleyShack.bsa
-) LonleyShack.bsl

!Also take out your items before you remove the .esp!


Q: Where is the house located?
A: You can find it near Mixwater Mill or look at the locations screenshot.

Q: How to get access?
A: There is a letter pinned to the frontdoor of the house.

Q: The letter isn't there?
A: Maybe it dropped to the ground. Just head to Sadris Used Wares and speak with the owner.

Q: The house is too expenisve?
A: It's fully decorated and not that expensive, but well maybe I can make it cheaper.


Version 1.0 --- initial release
Version 1.1 --- changed the merchant who sells the house


Blary for the genious resources I used
Oaristys & Tony67 for their awsome Modders Resource Pack
PhilSchmidheiny for his awsome windmill mesh resource I used
lazyskeever for the window mesh I used
Elianora for some awsome screenshots and always nice talks
Bethesda for creating the game and the CK

Finally don't forget to enjoy the mod and the game !!!


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