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Added: 29/03/2014 - 11:12AM
Updated: 27/07/2014 - 06:24PM

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Last updated at 18:24, 27 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 11:12, 29 Mar 2014

This mod brings playable dremora into Skyrim. The race choice is available during character generation.

Dremora have the following:

Skill bonuses: Conjuration 10
Destruction 5
Enchanting 5
Smithing 5
Two handed 5

Race Specials: Disease Resistance 100%, Fire Resistance 100%, and Magic Resistance 30%.

Fourteen (14) hairstyles are available beyond the default from which to choose. One (1) eye color was added beyond the default for dremora. Crossbow equipping is enabled. Four hair colors have also been added.

Alvor and Sigrid have been made essential. Lod has also been made essential to protect the quest, "A Daedra's Best Friend."

After you download the file and extract it, copy the two small files into the same folder as your Skyrim.esm file.

Once you have created your dremora character, you may show off your character by uploading a screenshot.

Corrected issue where default eye color was no longer available in Character Generation. Both eye colors are available in character generation.

Split up the race specials (they are the same, but disease resistance is now listed separately).

Updated the wording of the race description. It can be seen in a new screenshot.

Added eyebrows to customization options.