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The Dwemer Race vanished from Mundus millennia ago. Now one is back from the history of time.

Permissions and credits
If anyone wants to port/use the assets to recreate the race for the Special Edition or on XboxOne, go ahead. I would do it myself, but as far as I'm aware some masters this mod requires, such as Expired's RacialCombatability mod haven't been ported and I've forgotten how to add in vampirism compatibility for a custom race, mainly because it's been years since I last looked at that part of the CK.

This mod is a rework of a previous mod cal led The Dwemer and the Falmer. I decided to separate the races into separate mods as having two together was cumbersome.

French translation thanks to Zeidra

Why is it an esm? So that people can create other mods around it.

Update 0.6
New skin tones. (You'll need to reselect skintones or else they'll remain Altmer tones)

Extra way to make Dwarven ingots using: gold ore/quicksilver ore/voidsalts/2 moonstone ore. This will make 5 ingots. (In the future, may add a spell so that one can transmute any salts into other salts as an easier way to get void salts. Also the ingredients may change depending on feedback)

(Requires Dawnguard)

Race Skills Bonuses
Smithing = 10
Enchanting = 5
Lockpicking = 5
Speech = 5
Alteration 5
Heavy Armor = 5
Total = 35

Call of the Master = Lesser power that makes all automatons allies.
Dwemer Smithing = Can improve items 25% better.

Recommended mods for better immersion.
Dwemer Beards by Anuiel
Dwemer Garb by D0VAK11N

The Snow Elves are on the way, as they were in the Dwemer and Falmer mod.

Thanks to
Creating a Playable Race - The right way by Expired
Ethereal Elven Overhaul - Nuska
(Thanks for allowing modders to use your mod assets)