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Last updated at 21:09, 2 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 6:03, 28 Mar 2014

Version 1.5 Updated 9/2/2017

-Updated Masters to latest versions of Apachii Sky Hair
-Added Map Marker (Must be discovered to appear, like most locations in Skyrim)
-Added ambient tavern music to the hall in the 'Blackraven Hall' and 'Blackraven Servants' versions of the file.
-Altered the dress of the serving girls, altered the looks/ hair of Frida and Deidre in the Blackraven Servants optional file
-Added/altered some clutter in both the hall and cookhouse. I'm still not a 'clutterbug' like some modders, but tried to make it a little more 'busy.'
-Added Shrine of Talos in the lord's chambers, a few decorations, and altered the furniture arrangement slightly.
-Slight lighting tweaks

Udpated screenshots available on this page.

In summary, tried to give the mod a bit of an udpate/facelift. The important thing was to alter the master file requirements because some of the ones in the previous version are no longer available. No plans to port this to SSE because I don't use it, but permission is hereby given for anyone else to do so as long as appropriate mod credits are given. No portion of this mod may be used or utilized as anything other than freeware! 

MOD CREDITS: LOLICEPT RESOURCES. Thank you for the excellent modders resource!! 

The descriptions below have been edited to fit the latest version. Please read them!

Two optional files are included: Blackraven Abandoned and Blackraven Servants. See optional file notes below.


File requirements for Blackraven Hall and Blackraven Abandoned include:

All 3 DLC's

File requirements for the Blackraven Servants optional file include:

All 3 DLCs



Blackraven Hall is a Norse-style hall (using Thirsk Mead Hall from Dragonborn as the basis) designed with a mighty warrior-thane in mind, ready to be populated by your hero, followers, and servants. It is located just south of Volunruud barrow, and Volunruud is central to the small quest that must be accomplished to gain full access to the main hall. In addition to the hall there is a separate cookhouse and a full forge located about 100 yards to the north. There are stables, a weapons practice yard, and an archery range. There are 4 player chests: 2 to either side of the main hall entrance near the weapon racks, 1 at the foot of the master bed, and 1 at the forge. There are two weapons plaques in the hero's chamber as well. The cookhouse, among other things, has two ovens (Hearthfire resources) so you can bake all those goodies if you have the ingredients. The hero's chambers within the main hall have enchanting and alchemy stations. See the screenshots for exterior and interior views, and a clue for how to go about obtaining the property for yourself. Once you obtain access, you'll find some other goodies that aren't available (to my knowledge) in the vanilla game. A Nordic lord should be able to dress like a lord, after all!

Where do you find the hall? Either start at Volunruud and look south, or head north from Whiterun to Halted Streams Camp- if you are near there, look north and up and it should be in plain sight. The main hall is pretty big. Version 1.5 has a map marker and once you locate it you can fast travel to the location.

Both the main hall and the cookhouse are navmeshed and your followers won't have any trouble following you in or sandboxing.

As before, please post if you encounter any major bugs, but this is a pretty simple mod with no scripts and there really shouldn't be any. (Knock on wood!) Enjoy!

Main file name: Blackraven Hall.7z 

Installation: Use NMM to install, or manually merge data file in your data folder, make sure you've activated it in your menu, and have at it!

Uninstallation: Use NMM to uninstall, or delete the file from your data folder.

Disclaimer: as with all mods, use it at your own risk. If makes your computer have kittens or whatever, don't look at me.


Optional Files Addendum:

Blackraven Abandoned: This is a modification of the base mod in which the hall has been rendered as abandoned. It's cold, dark, and a lot emptier, and ultimately not much fun as a player home. Included this as an option for anyone who wants it for immersion purposes, rather than initially finding the hall ready to occupy.

File: Blackraven Abandoned.7z

Installation instruction: Install with NMM or manually drop the .esp file into your Skyrim data folder.

Uninstallation: Uninstall with NMM or manually delete the .esp file from your Skyrim data folder.

IMPORTANT: Only use one file, either the optional or the main file, NOT BOTH.

Blackraven Servants: This is a modification of the base mod in which the serving staff has returned to Blackraven in the service of you, their new thane. Characters include serving maids Frida and Dani, two cooks, Old Magnus the woodcutter and Wulf the stableboy. Some of them are marriageable and recruitable as followers, but be warned: they aren't heroes by trade and won't level up very high. (10 max, give or take). They have their own AI packages to provide each of them with a daily routine in and about the place.

There is also a bard, Deidre, working full time in the hall.

In this optional file, the Blackraven hall doors are no longer locked and the player does not need the keys- one way another it is assumed you have access to the hall, or the staff wouldn't be there. Sigurd's corpse is still in Volunruud, but without the keys or his journal. In this file his journal is sitting on one of the night tables in the master bedroom, presumably placed there by you after gaining access to the hall.

File: Blackraven Servants.7z

Installation: Install with NMM or manually drop the data folder into your Skyrim folder to merge with the existing data folder.

Uninstallation: Uninstall with NMM or manually delete the added .esp, mesh, and texture files from the like locations in your Skyrim data folder.

IMPORTANT: Use only one file, either the optional or main file, NOT BOTH.