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As stated above, this mod enables you to cast Fortify Enchanting as four different Alteration spells. All of the Spell Tomes can be bought from Tolfdir at the College of Winterhold. Why four spells you might ask. Well, for different Alteration levels: Apprentice (Lvl 25), Adept (Lvl 50), Expert (Lvl 75), and Master (Lvl 100). Apprentice buff is 10% better for 3 minutes (180 seconds). Adept is 25% for 2 minutes (120 seconds). Expert is 50% for 1 minute (60 seconds). And Master is 75% for 45 seconds. All of the spells can be dual-cast, which doubles their effect. While this can make some pretty awesome gear, it can also make you nearly unkillable. So please, show some restraint on the dual-casts if being god-like isn't your style. Not sure if this is considered non-lore-friendly or not, but it will be marked as not to avoid confusion. Questions? Comments? Found a bug? Report it in the comments!

TESV: Skyrim
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Hearthfires, Dawnguard, Dragonborn are NOT required, but the mod has been tested and works with all three as well.

Due to popular request I have uploaded two other versions of the mod with different fortification percentages and different durations. Durations for both are 2 mins for Apprentice, 90 sec for Adept, 60 sec for Expert, 45 sec for Master. Percentages are listed in the file names.

Update 1.1:
The spell is now compatible with potions as well. What this means is that instead of the spell overriding a potion (or vise-versa) you can now use them together (e.g. you use a potion that fortifies enchanting by 20% and then cast Master fortification you have a combined bonus of 60%). To keep some balance this version will only be the 10-20-30-40 version. Otherwise it is way overpowered. Enjoy!