Myriddans HorseCall by Myriddan
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Added: 27/03/2014 - 03:57AM
Updated: 10/04/2014 - 07:02AM

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Last updated at 7:02, 10 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 3:57, 27 Mar 2014

Updating from other versions:

If you experience any issues, remove any current Horse Horns from your inventory and purchase a new one or follow the steps below for a clean save.

Updating from version 1.0:

Due to changes to the Mod, it is highly recommended you use a clean save for the new version (especially if you already purchased a Horse Horn).

If you have already installed the old version:

1. Save your game
2. Remove the original version
3. Save your game again
4. Install new version

===== Change Log =====

- Frost and Shadowmere are now affected by the Horse Horn

- Horses now run to you when called via new AI Package and updated script

- Fixed a graphical bug where the Horse Horn would show up below the player when used

- Changed the Horse Horn to an Armor object to allow it to be favorited
- Minor script changes

===== Description =====

A simple mod that adds a purchasable horn from horse merchants that will call your horse to you.

===== Installation =====

----- Manual -----

Copy everything in the 00 MHC - Main Files folder to your Skyrim/Data folder

----- Wrye Bash -----

Mod is BAIN Compatible, just copy it to your Bash Installers Folder

===== Uninstallation =====

Delete these files from your Skyrim/Data folder:
1) MHC.esp
2) Scripts/MHC_HornSell.pex and MHC_HorseCall.pex
3) Seq/MHC.seq