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Adds several new weapons to the game. Crossbow with bolts, arrows, several swords, a greatsword and a dagger. All items based on the design of Auriel's Bow. Improveable, Dawnguard required.

Permissions and credits
I've quit modding and moved on to social work and game programming.
For further details and constraints, please check out the board thread:
Cheerio and keep on playing!

I've quit modding and moved on to social work and game programming.
For further details and constraints, please check out the board thread:
Cheerio and keep on playing!

Update 1.1

Good news everyone:
Ghaunadaur managed to set up a new script that fixes the sun effect issues.
Version 1.1 now comes with working effects when shooting at the sun using Bloodcursed or Sunhallowed Bolts. Thanks a lot!


Unpack downloaded archive to ...|Skyrim|data|
Folder structure should look like:
...|Skyrim|data|Ghosu - Auriel.ESP
...|Skyrim|data|meshes|weapons|Ghosu - Auriel| NIF FILES
...|Skyrim|data|textures|weapons|Ghosu - Auriel Pack| DDS FILES

Make sure the mod is active in Skyrim Launcher - Data Files.
To uninstall simply delete the extracted files.


Auriel's Crossbow
Auriel's Shortsword v1
Auriel's Shortsword v2
Auriel's Longsword v1
Auriel's Longsword v2
Auriel's Greatsword
Auriel's Dagger

Bloodcursed Bolts + Quiver
Sunhallowed Bolts + Quiver
Sinister Bolts
Blazing Bolts
Sinister Arrows
Blazing Arrows


The items are placed in a chest in front of Auriel's Statue / Temple in the Forgotten Vale (see screenshot). You should get there on the Dawnguard questlines. Bolts and arrows are craftable at the forge (MISC).

If you want to simply cheat/teleport to the chest, open console (key ^) and enter:
... and, as example, COC RIVERWOOD or COC WHITERUN to teleport back.

Crossbow and Longsword v1 are requested items so i won't touch their designs. I added the other versions as "a little bonus". Sinister/blazing bolts and arrows are simply versions without magic effects.

You might be interested in my Quiver Replacer mod as well:


Q: Why no funny FAQ this time?
A: Lack of time. And tbh. 99% of my last FAQ fits pretty much all of my mods.

Q: Why DG required?
A: Because the mod uses DG content.

Q: I want the crossguard of sword X mixed with the crossguard of sword Y, i want the pommel of Sword Z combined with the blade of Sword would look much better!
A: Sorry, i won't release 10.000 different versions...i just made them the way i prefer it.

Q: You should change this and that...this part is too big, it's pointing the wrong direction and...
A: The only requested items of this mod were the crossbow and longsword v1 - i won't change them because they are based on the concepts of the users that requested it.
The other swords and the dagger are just a bonus that i added - don't like it, don't download it, or remodel it yourself.

Q: You have to make a quest and story behind these weapons. They deserve it, dropping them in a chest is just lazy!
A: You're right. But I really dislike working with the CK, i only love modeling stuff. I won't do stuff that i don't want to do.

Q: Then work together with other people so they do that!
A: I prefer to work on my own as much as possible when it comes to the core of my own mods. I only work with other peoples when it comes to additional stuff like patches or essentiel mechanics i can't handle myself.

Q: You should make them craftable! Or at least add another version with an optional .esp! And enchanted version...and...
A: When i drop them in a box people will complain, when i make them craftable other people will complain. I try to keep the count of different .esp files as low as possible -
It's a pain in the a** to update a dozen different .esp files if i decide to keep on working on this mod. Enchanted esp, unenchanted esp, craftable esp, chest esp, less dmg esp, more dmg esp...

Q: You should add them to the leveled list!
A: Nope.

Q: You should add armor!
A: Nope, creating GOOD armor takes a LOT of time i don't want to sacrifice - in the same time i can fullfill dozens of other requests and work on other projects.

Q: I'm using mods for Closer Quivers or whatever...
A: This mod comes with its own (bolt) quiver models, if you want to change its position you can do that within a few seconds yourself.
Btw, the sheaths are not symmetrical, there is a chain/loop on the inner side to attach it to your armor. If you're using a weapon position mod that lets you see this site you can rotate the sheath yourself as well.

Q: How?
A: Download NIFSKOPE (free tool, simply google for it), open the .nif file of the object you want to change (like ...|Skyrim|data|meshes|weapons|Ghosu - Auriel|bolt_sun.nif). In the left window click 0 BSFADENODE, down below in the block details you can change TRANSLATION values (xyz axxis position) and/or ROTATION. Afterwards rightclick on 0 BSFADENODE, TRANSFORM=>APPLY and save/overwrite the file. Done.

Q: Does this mod work with retextures?
A: Yes, it uses vanilla textures (and paths).
Crossbow: Body is made of Auriel's Bow and DG Crossbow as string, swords use Auriel's Bow (crossguard/hilt) and Auriel's Shield (pommel and both upper endpieces of the crossguard)

Q: Is this mod Dual Sheath Redux compatible?
A: Yes, mod directly comes with fitting sheaths.

Q: How about SkyRe?
A: Atm no direct support. If you're using Reproccer - all weapons are WeapMaterialElven. If someone want to release an optional .esp with direct SkyRe support - be my guest.

Q: I know you're not taking any requests atm but...
A: Nah, please don't PM me with direct requests or spam the comment section. Most of the time i pick requests from the board, stuff that i like myself as well.
My PM, mail and Youtube inbox are well filled all the time since i'm helping people out with modding problems/tutorials as well so there is no free time left to accept additional requests.

Please accept that. I'm no mean person, but i've already fullfilled >200 requests for sure (not counting the larger mods i'm releasing to the public on The Nexus) ... i've never learned to say NO so i've already spend too much time on making people happy (that's why i picked a charity job, i think's it's more important to translate this quality to RL).

Yes, the FAQ section is pretty long, but i'm trying to keep the comment section free of requests and the common sh*tstorm. The requested mod would be just the crossbow and one sword without any effects/scripts or whatever, i really want people to understand that anything else is just a nice bonus. I'm picking up requests from the board and doing it the way i want it to be avoiding stuff i don't like so there won't be perfection. The original request is already fullfilled to the user's satisfaction, just sharing it in case someone else likes it this way as well. I will just be around for essential TROUBLESHOOTING, no big updates or additions right now.

Crossbow design by U653748
Blade mesh/texture by Isilmeriel
Script by

Thanks for the inspiration,permission and support.

I hope you enjoy the mod.

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