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Hello everyone
A little backstory
Mehrunes Dagon
A blood lusting warlord whose thirst could only be held within a blade, he poured his malis lust and anger into the blade. He called upon the Demons hearts. The Demons heard his cry for power beyond normal men. They assisted with the first blade the Heart Ripper. Now you have the know how to make that same blade. By the way the warlord worked with Potema. to bring her souls to play with and use in her spells

This mod adds 4 new custom swords into the game. Based on Mehrunes Razor dagger and Quest.
If you have a retexture for Mehrunes dagger it should work with these new weapons as well.

The new weapons will be under the Daedric smithing category of the forge you do not need daedric smithing perk to get these new weapons just the ingredients listed below:


Crafting ingredients:
Mehrunes Heart Rippers
1 Daedra heart
ingots 2 Steel and 2 Ebony
2 Leather
1 Leather Strip

Crafting ingredients:
Mehrunes Blades
1 Daedra heart
ingots 1 Steel and 2 Ebony
1 Leather
1 Leather Strip

The weapons are temperable you will need the arcane enchament perk to temper the new weapons


Tools Used:
3DS Max
Creation Kit

Enjoy and please endorse if you like this new weapon.

This is a resource mod so if you want to add this in your next mod go for it.