Madmen Of The Reach -Forsworn Race by Naitsirhc
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The nords would have you beleive that they are the only ones fighting for their home-land, their birthright. But do not be deceived the Reachmen have been fighting for theirs for even longer.

Introducing the Forsworn Race

-They are part breton, part nord, so natrually they have the abilities of both.

-Racial powers
Dragonskin absorbs 25% instead of the bretons 50%
Battle cry has a duration of 15 seconds rather than 30

25% resistant to frost rather than 50%
15% resistant to magic rather than 25%

One-handed +10
Archery +5
Enchanting +10
Sneak +5
Smithing +5
Alchemy +5
speech +5

A fallen BriarHeart can be found at the beginning of the game in helgen keep, right next to the dead stormcloak, if you search him you will find some goodies!

-Armor of the old gods
-one of each forsworn weapon and 400 arrows
-BriarHeart, pick up before you wear the briarhear armor!
-Enchanted Briarheat armor
-Non-enchanted briarhear armor

The enchanted briarheart armor is enchanted to kill you if you happen to lose your briarheart, also it gives +30% to onehanded and +100 magicka