Dragon Axe and Mace by EisregenX90
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And here is the Dragon Axe I mentioned in comment topic of my other mod

The Dragon Axe is a craftable, enchantable and temperable one handed axe.
You may craft it with daedric smithing and it has slightly better stats than the original DaedricWar-Axe.

I made this Axe cause MaxxFenning encouraged me of making a whole weapon set with the style of my Curse of Sithis
Thx at this point that you think I could do something as good as the Dreadknight Set :)

I couldn't let you wait until all weapons are ready to use so I thought I release this one as standalone before;)

- Added .nif files for Dual Sheath Redux
- Added the Dragon Mace here cause it's simmilar to the axe style so no new topic ;)
- Added the two handed version of the axe