UNP royal vampire armor without cape by Cambion
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Okay, so in the past I had made this mesh edit in 3Ds Max that would never work unless it would be entirely rerigged (not gonna happen LOL) without a cape, and lately someone asked me if it would be for download soon. I had to say no but I was better in BodyShop2 then I thaught XD.

I just took my latest a moment ago updated version of UNP ECHO vampire armor and made the cloak so small its more a scarf now (see screenshots). As I can Only chance shape and edit a mesh in Nifscope, I can't remove it, and even if I could, the top of the royal vampire armor isn't there on the back, wich would mean I would have to model it myself.


If you want the regular (not royal) vamprie armor from ECHO for UNP with it, then first install this:
(there is also the same royal vampire armor but then with cloak)

Optional file is a retexture from
It is the texture for the ECHO armor, but then replacer, and instead of gold and red it is silver with red, as I personally felt the gold was overdone O_o. I have permission to distribute. Its the texture in the screenshot. (it also replaces the texture of all other vampire armors, it are 100% the same as the 2K ones of messiasmummo, but then with silver instead of gold).

1.1 fixed black shading bug. Many thanks to Torham and AppleofEden who told me how to fix it :).
1.0 First release

Just drag and drop into the data folder, overite when asked.

delete added files from your data folder.

A UNP compatible texture

Caliente: for the amazing Bodyslide2 which made this mod posible
ECHO: she made the original and beautiful meshes in the first place
Messiasmummo: for the original texture of which I made the optional ones here.