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The Nocturnal Forge can be found in Nightingale Hall, which can be visited during and after the quest "Trinity Restored" (This is a Thieves Guild quest, for those of you who are unaware).

Current Features:
(All items require the Elven Smithing perk)

Using the Nocturnal Forge, the player can now forge a full set of Nightingale armour, as well as the Nightingale Bow and Blade. All of these items are unenchanted, but they can be enchanted by the player at an enchanting table. These items are also slightly stronger than the normal Player Nightingale armour (In fact, they are the NPC versions of the armour). I left it like that to make up for the lack of Nightingale enchantments on the items.

Possible Features:
-I may modify the recipes in the future, but only if feedback suggests I do so
-I may add enchanted versions to the crafting list, but that once again depends on feedback.

If you notice any bugs, or what you believe may be bugs, please bring them to my attention. While I do use my own mods, I can't test every variable, so I would appreciate your help.

Incompatabilities (Obviously, only known ones):

-Improved Closed Face Helmets (Removes hood texture on the NPC version, which is what this mod uses)
-Possibly any other mod that modifies Nightingale Hall.

Suggested Mods:
Expanded Thieves Guild - Diversified Armours -
-Adds a number of new armours to the Ragged Flagon Cistern to suit a number of different playstyles.

Wearable Thieves Guild Armor Variants -
-Makes all variants of the Thieves Guild armour wearable. I'd highly suggest using these two mods alongside each other, even if they weren't both mine.

Improved Nightingale Hall
-Improves Nightingale Hall after completion of the Thieves Guild. Does not clip with or ruin this mod in any way.

-Do not post this file on other websites without my permission
-You are free to modify the files for personal use, but do not publish modified files without my permission

Just as a final note, if you take any screenshots and decide to upload them, I'd be more than happy to accept them for this page. As far as a video goes, I don't think a mod this simple actually deserves one, so I won't bother with that for now.

-Fixed bug where craftable sword was non-playable (Was added to inventory, but was invisible)

-Added images; hotfile and background images uploaded

-Added Nocturnal Forge to Nightingale Hall
-Added crafting and tempering recipes for NPC version of Nightingale armour (unenchanted)
-Made NPC version of Nightingale armour wearable