About this mod

These are my old mods I do not support at all any more, in case someone needs to find something for a save game etc. These are junk, and offered as is.

Permissions and credits
Mod works as intended, so don't expect any updates.
I don't develop old mods any more.

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I love making mods for you guys, but all these comments are seriously winding me up after I had 4 hot files in a row.

So I took down all my mods I don't want to hear about any more, but then my friend pointed out someone might need one for a save game or something. So I'm putting them all here in this archive in case you need one.


Mods found in this page:

Arrowin Thenie
Thief follower found in Bee and Barb. Archery and magic.
Assassins Lair
Assassin's Lair is located near the Apprentice Stone. For vampires, assassins and psychopaths. Comes with a custom follower direwolf

Deinsehun is a big keep in Whiterun hold. Lots of high res textures and clutter, not for the low end PCs

Little Christmas Overhaul
Adds Christmas decoration to all vanilla homes and big lighted trees to major cities

Mzadahrk - no family edition
Dwemer house in Falkreath. Has room for followers. Need Staff of Magnus to take down the barrier

Small hunter themed cottage near Old Hrothran. Key is in Purewater Run

Riverside Ranch
Large-ish ranch near Ivarstead. Separate building for followers (5 beds). Buy the key from the merchant behind Klimmek's house by the river.

Sahrot Od Dein
Huge manor on the opposite shore from Windhelm docks. Another FPS killer. Requires General Displays and all DLC. Buy key from the Skaal merchant near the farms down the road

Scholars Solace
Mage's house near Dragonbridge. No followers, no family, requires all DLC. Key is in a chest in Arch-Mage's quarter.

Scholars Solace - family version
Scholar's Solace with support for moving in 2 kids with HF Multiple Adoptions Mod

The Little Keep
Small house at Lake Inalta. Previous owner dead next to the house has the key.

The Old Oak
Magic tree at a lake near Riften. The Dragon upstairs has the key

Thief's Hideout - home in the Ratway
Non-DLC version of the hideout

Thiefs Hideout REDUX

A small apartment in the Ratway. Lot's of unique item display. Requires all DLC and General Displays

For NPCs (like spouses) to sandbox around the house properly, use this mod 

Skyrim is full of bugs. These mods are not perfect. I don't care. They are not supported any more, in any way. Use them at your own risk. The weapon plaques might eat weapons. There are dirty edits. The mannequins wonder around.
I have made these as stable and working as I can or could at the time, but I am not a miracle maker and I have other things in my life than revisit old mods.


InsanitySorrow: All his clutter resources, textures and weapons
Oaristys: Modder's Resource Pack
Langley: New HQ textures on some of the objects
mrpdean for the new Lakeview meshes
Stroti/Tamira: New clutter, like the kitchen stuff and craftsman tools
Tamira: New plants, collision help
Blary: modder's resources including alchemy clutter and decoration
TESA folk for the resource pack
breti for Rochester meshes and textures
Lilith for clutter and catering resources
tueffelachtein for General Displays, the modular crafting resource and clutter
NogZoiets for Svindall textures
The_Funktasm for Morrowind clutter and textures
Kraeten for Griffon Fortress Resource
Runspect for Resources for Modders
BrettM for FPI project clutter and items
DarkRider for paintings
elinen/ztree trees and plants
Artisanix for paintings
mikegemini for allowing me to use his noble bed retexture
stoverjm for new open books
CD Projekt for Witcher armour and L0rd0fWar for converting them
Pheo3309 for the ingredients jar resource
yourenotsupposedtobeinhere for rugs
mindboggles - round water mesh
DarkFox127: Marble and floor tiles and script help
Yuril for the new barrels
eldiabs for activators
LilaMue for the new silver cutlery
Ga-Knomboe Boy for the new farm meshes, new tree models