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Added: 23/03/2014 - 08:55AM
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Now that we have updated to v.0.2, we can see that rooms and lighting have been added. There are also some things in the master bedroom, thus indicating it as such. The big room on the second floor is a future dining room, and the adjoining room will be the kitchen. In the next patch, expect a significant amount of decoration to be added.


As of v.0.1.5, I have included the basics of the house. The external part of it is a basic Whiterun house model, and the inside has the basic structure of the house. So far, the only room included is the master bedroom, and even that is only the basic structure of the room.


This a house mod I am creating in honor of a dear friend of mine. I plan to include something akin to a gemstone generator as a garden, hence the "Gemside."

This is also my first mod ever, and am using it to learn how to properly do this.

The house is currently located East of Rorikstead. I have plans to move it to a more remote location at a later date.

Current plans:

- Finish the house
- Decorate the house
- Create gemstone generating garden

Future plans:

- Create actual exterior to the house to match the inside
- Create marriageable follower
- Possibly place in new world, if I have larger plans
- Create lore-friendly quest line for it
- Voice questline