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Last updated at 0:13, 19 May 2014 Uploaded at 3:30, 23 Mar 2014

If you've ever found it bothersome that not all of the variants of the Thieves Guild Armor were wearable, this is a mod I am sure you will enjoy using.

The Thieves Guild Armor and Thieves Guild Variant Armor sets are unenchanted, but have an armour rating equivalent to the Thieves Guild Improved (the pieces traded for with Tonilia) set. They can also be enchanted by the player using an enchanting table (Needs confirmation, I haven't tested that yet).

As of version 1.1, the Summerset Shadows armour set includes the brown-coloured Thieves Guild hood variant mesh, instead of the regular Thieves Guild hood. This is largely because it looks better than the normal Thieves Guild hood, in my opinion.

The Thieves Guild Leader armour set made wearable by this mod is also unenchanted and cannot be enchanted, but can be tempered. It is also slightly stronger than the normal Thieves Guild Leader armour set. I did not make it so, it turns out the NPC armour is stronger than the player's.

Current features:
-Encounter Thieves will drop a set of Thieves Guild Armor (Ordinary set)

-Killing a thief wearing the white variant will actually drop their armour (Or, use the Factional
Followers mod and take this variant from one of the added thief followers)

-Makes Summerset Shadow thieves drop their armour

-(This bullet has been worded to avoid spoilers) The armour of the NPC slain at the end of the "Blindsighted" quest.

Possible Futures:
-May add enchantments to all variants (Depends on user feedback)
-May make Thieves Guild brown variant hood the standard hood (Depends on user feedback)

If you don't read any of the rest of this, PLEASE READ THIS:
-If you notice anything wrong with the mod, such as the Summerset Shadows hood not being the hood I claim it to be, please let me know. If you do not, I cannot fix it. If this is the case, it's likely because I may not have uploaded the file correctly. As I'm rather new at this, you'll have to pardon my newbishness. So, if you come across this or any other issue, please LET ME KNOW.

Suggested Mods:

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-Adds a number of new armours to the Ragged Flagon Cistern to suit a number of different playstyles.

Nocturnal Forge -
-Adds a forge to Nightingale Hall where an unenchanted set of Nightingale armor and weapons can be forged.


-Added white variant set and variant hood to Thieves Guild Headquarters (All unenchanted; may change later)
-Modified names of variants for clarity

-Added images; hotfile and background images uploaded

-Increased Summerset Shadow armour set's armour rating
-Made Summerset Shadow armour set count as ArmorMaterialThievesGuild (Should work for Matched Set if interchanged with Thieves Guild armour pieces)

-Added Summerset Shadows armour variant
-Changed Summerset Shadows helmet mesh to Thieves Guild Variant hood variant 02 (Basically, made this variant obtainable in-game, as it isn't otherwise)
-Added image of Summerset Shadows armour being playable (Image is of in-progress mod)

-Made most Thieves Guild variant armours playable
-Added tempering recipes for most variants