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Located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ilinalta, Lakeside Homestead is a simple player home with a large barracks providing everything you need to equip, train and billet a small army of followers.

Best used with a follower mod like AFT or EFF to manage your followers.

- Full crafting
- Trophy/display room with dragon priest mask display and all shrines
- Bookshelves for more than 400 books
- Indoor archery range and melee training area
- Beds for 32 followers
- Lots of furniture and idles for NPCs to interact with
- Rowboat to cross Lake Ilinalta
- Minimal clutter - main house should appear "lived in", barracks pretty plain
- Intuitive lighting - all light sources emit light (including smelter and brick oven) and all lights have a corresponding light source

All vanilla (non-Hearthfire) housecarls except Lydia have been given custom packages. If taken as followers then dismissed in or around Lakeside Homestead, they will relocate to live in the barracks, patrol the grounds at scheduled times, and train in their off hours. Dismissing them away from Lakeside will send them back to their original homes.

Four potential followers have been added. All have custom packages, are marriage candidates, and are not protected. Be warned - they can die.

Baracus, Redguard blacksmith
Spends most of his time in the smithy. Uses one-handed weapons and shield.

Elle Owell, Imperial homemaker
Cooks, cleans, and tends the garden. Virtually worthless in combat.

Grady Ombrage, Breton mage
Can be found in his study. Prefers elemental damage.

Hafthor Bjornsson, Nord guard
Patrols the exterior. Favors two-handed weapons.

Requirements / Compatibility
Requires updated version of Skyrim.
Uses all vanilla assets. No DLC is required.

Should be compatible with anything that doesn't edit the same exterior cells or housecarls.

Designed for use with follower mods (I use AFT myself) but none are required.

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Known Issues
This mod uses vanilla bookshelves and mannequins. No effort was made to fix any issues associated with them.

The main house and barracks both contain lots of light sources. It runs fine on my machine, your results may vary.
Seriously, don't equip a torch indoors or you will get shader issues.