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Set the configuration of your MCM's so you don't have to spend the first hour of your game doing it.

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Sick of having to reconfigure every single MCM every time you start a new game? Me too, so I'm doing something about it now. MCMConf is a collection of bat files to be run when you start a new game that will change your MCM settings to whatever you normally play with. Save loads of time and not have to try to remember every little setting you use. Also check out FISS, good stuff happening over there.

The files contain only the default settings, so you will have to edit them to your preference.
Drop the files in your Skyrim folder.
How do they work?:
  • Edit the files to the way you normally set them when you start a new game.
  • You can comment out the info in [Brackets] by adding a ; after the command but before the open bracket (set DIST_CCOJaysusSwords_OFF to 0 ; [turns off the option for CCOJaysusSwords]). Leaving the [Bracket Info stuff], or not commenting it out, will cause the line it's on to fail. Thanks to Bannor9 for pointing this out to me. Future versions will come commented out
  • Keep the one command per line format or the line will fail.
  • When you get in game let it run as normal, create your character if you use a mod that changes when it's made. Let your MCM do it's thing & detect your mods & do the initiation run, after it's all run down, open the console and type "bat <Filename>" (no quotes or .txt) the file will run line by line and change the settings for you!
  • Interrupting a mods run time process is a bad idea, it can cause the mods MCM to break & be unusable.
  • You can combine several of the files, just try not to make the bat too large or it may cause lagging when running.
  • Some changes may not appear in the MCM, but are taking effect, you can check what the value is set to with "Show <GlobalVar>"​

Main files:
Mods that currently have a bat:

ASIS v 1.4.0TEST
Arrow Recovery System Overhaul v 1.0.1
Deadly Dragons / Monsters v6.3.5
MoreHUD v1.3.2
OBIS v1.61G (C-G only change the OBISDB.esp so should work on any v1.61)
The Dance of Death v4.0
Immersive HUD v2.4
Timing is Everything - Quest Delay and Timing Control v1.3
Training Dummies Provide XP v3.52
Trade and Barter v1.2
Convenient Horses v5.0
Moonlight Tales v2.05 + Werewolf Mastery v3 Combined install
Smarter Combat Music v1.12
ESF Companions v3.6
Immersive Armors v7.1
Better Vampires v6.6
Skyrim Immersive Creatures v6.5.2

Optional files:
Mods that currently have a bat, but with very little notation. (Only use these if you are familiar with the console and the mod):

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade v1.4
Wet and Cold v 1402
Requiem v1.7.3