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Added: 22/03/2014 - 10:04AM
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Ready to make Alchemy a real skill?

Let's face the facts, crafting in Skyrim breaks the game. A player can easily obtain high levels of Alchemy, Smithing, and Enchanting with very little effort. Who hasn't gone to a Alchemy table and potion spammed for quick cash and levels? It's so easy, it's dumb. Enter Alchemy Requires Bottles...

The purpose of this mod is to challenge the player with a more immersive style of Alchemy. Potion making should be harder than clicking the mouse a few times. Spamming potions should be outlawed as crating a potion takes time. Obtaining high levels of Alchemy becomes rewarding and difficult. A player no longer has to feel guilty for earning alchemy levels or selling potions they made to merchants. With "Alchemy Requires Bottles" installed, you earned those levels. You earned that gold!

* To craft a potion, the player must have some sort of empty bottle
* An empty bottle is given to the player when they drink a potion or drink
* Attempting to craft a potion will cause the screen to fade out for 2 seconds
* Game time will be advanced when a potion is created.

Future Plans
Adding MCM menu so player can customize so how much experience is earned from crafting a potion and how much time it takes to make a potion. (game time and real time)
Smithing Requires Fuel
Enchanting Requires Magicka

There still may exist some loopholes in the ability to spam due to the fact that the script must fire a series of commands in order. However these anomalies are few and far between. If the crafting menu happens to remain enabled when you know it shouldn't be, DON'T CRAFT A POTION. If you do, you will a warning message. If you persist to exploit the mod, bad things will happen...

Not compatible with anything that add's the ability to craft potions outside the Alchemy table. If you want to make it compatible, message me and I will show you how in 2 minutes.

SKSE is required. To install the mod, just unzip the files and drop them in the folder, or you can use the NMM if you want.

My Recommendations
Find a mod that nerfs Alchemy effects so they don't stack OR/AND adds a potion drinking animation OR/AND disables potion/food consumption in combat. There's lots out there...