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First id like to say sorry to everyone who is having to re-download so frequently cos i keep fixing and tweaking things.

Before you go any further this mod Requires - Armored Skeletons and the Walking Dead

Good news , Wuunfurth the Unliving is your local stockist of the dead in convenient book form.

The Mod Currently Contains:
-3 Master level Spells
-3 Expert Spells
-3 Adept Spells
-2 Apprentice Spells

Armored Skeletons:
-A massive thank you needs to go to lifestorock and all involved in the Armored Skeletons and the Walking Dead mod , for letting me make this plugin.

- Download Armored Skeletons and the Walking Dead
- Extract the BSA file in the Amored Skeletons mod to your data folder
- Download Necromancy Unhinged
- Whack Install
- Voila, Get your evil on.

How Do I Get The Spell For The Dragon Priest Wuunfurth Doesnt Have it?

Good & bad news, the dragon priest spell is on the table in Wuunferth the Unlivings enchanting lab in Windhelm, but theres a catch , you have to steal it , he prizes that book ;)

Is The Dragon Priest Stupidly Powerful?

No , He should not be a godmode type summon , he may be permanent , but he can die, he is designed to help kill things but not steal all the fun from the game.

I Can Summon The Dragon Priest But He Doesn't Fight?

What level are you? i purposefully only gave the dragon priest fairly tier spells & a lvl melt = to player lvl , so if you summon him pre roughly lvl 20 , he wont have enough magicka to cast his spells.
This is intentional as i see it a representation that until you are more developed as a necromancer you don't have the skill to summon him at his full potential , only enough pull his decayed form from the grave.

Why Are The Summons Invisible?

You didnt install correctly , you need to extract the BSA archive that comes with Armored Skeletons or this mod wont function correctly.

A Request From Me : Please Upload your screenies if you dig it , i love seeing stuff i create giving others satisfaction , it makes me happy :)

-Pretty much re-worked everything , given spells individual costs , both for the books and in magicka.
-The perks have also been set appropriately to the spell levels and all the spells showing as "Novice" has been resolved.
-Changed the summon types from "familiar" to "undead" so they should benefit from the necromancy health perks etc
-Retired the variant versions of the draugr & skeletons as i felt it was unnecessary to have so many.

Added Draugr, spellbooks for these & the Skeletons are sold by Wuunferth The Unliving.

v1.0 -
Added the Skeletons to the mod , I haven't tested to see if the books spawn on Merchants yet but i felt the mod was far too thin on content atm so if they don't spawn for whatever reason here are the console commands for the skeletons types (xx being the mods number in your load order):

1-Handed - xx0058D9
2-Handed - xx0058DA
Ranged - xx0058DB

These guys are novice spells , last 60 seconds , are lvl 8 and appear with random equipment you find on skeletons of the arch-type they are ;) so no fixed axe or sword, it will vary each summon.

v0.2 -
Changed the dragon priest spells to Incinerate and Fireball as the others werent functioning properly. Trying the designated hand ones, if they dont work will swap to any hand versions :)

v0.1 - Initial release


A massive thank you to lifestorock & everyone involved in Armored Skeletons & the Walking Dead listed below :-

Grohiik for so much stuff
PROMETHEUS_ts for his Beast Skeletons mod
nivea for Winter Is Coming - thank you for letting me use your meshes & textures
defunkt for Helmet variants
LordSane for Clanking Armor
Martigan for his savegame debloating scripts

I feel truly blessed to have been allowed the opportunity :)