Battle Buddy Delacourt the Bard Adventurer by Kuldebar
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Although described as a Breton Rogue, Delacourt is an active Bard serving in Falkreath at the Dead Man's Drink Inn. There's more to him then meets the eye...if you ask him to join you, you will find him skilled and focused in his inclinations.

-he is essential
-he levels with player
-he won't nark you out if you are a baddie
-he has perks
-he belongs to custom class (think a conjuration and destruction focus while wearing light armor, a spell sword/witchblade blend)
-he is brave, just shy of foolhardy
-he is open to marriage, in fact, he seems to be rather familiar with you, perhaps you have a past?
-he is compatible with whatever follower mod management you wish, he is standard follower package.
-he won't blow your game up. there's no moving parts, you provide the motion :)