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Welcome to Fat Bastards

This mod adds a new blacksmith shop, with two new NPCs. The shop is located south east

of Morthal(shown on map). The shop sells armors and weapons just like any blacksmith,

but also sells vanilla armors which have been converted to fit the "Fat Bastard Body

Replacer". The converted armors are not upgradable, but have higher stats. For example

heavy armors add 20 points to base stats, but also 20 points to weight, for light

armors the increase is 10/10.

Armors currently included:
Thieves Guild
Steel Plate
Dark Brotherhood
Some unfinished armors can be found in QASmoke testing cell. These are playable, but

unfinished, mainly for preview/feedback purposes. The shop has some nice loot laying

around for thieves, but DO NOT get caught! This mod is a WIP, and will be updated if it

is received well, so please leave feedback in the comments section. The armors may clip

with some custom animations, this is to be expected, and out of my control. However,

there may also be Vertex weight issues with some of the armors (ones in testing cell

for sure) this I can fix. If you see any issues, please post a screen, this will make

them easier to fix. I also need feedback on the lighting of the shop, in my screens it

looks dark, I run Realvision ENB and ELFX, so your lighting may differ.

This mod features assets from:

Thank you to all the authors who gave me premission to use their work.

This mod requires:

DawnGuard DLC